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Four times Africa Magic stars hopped on social media challenges

28 October 2022
From #DontRush to #CuffIt, here is why we love it when our faves get involved!

Social media challenges have been popular for a while now, and it doesn’t look like this will change anytime soon. From the #DontRush trend that took the world by storm during the lockdown, to the #CuffIt challenge that currently has young and old alike swaying their hips to Beyoncé’s smash hit ‘Cuff It’, challenges are here to stay.

Not only do we love taking part in them, but it is even more exciting to watch some of our Africa Magic stars jump on these challenges too. It feels like back in school when the senior prefects joined in on all the fun and games. Extra cool points for them!

Here are more reasons why we love seeing our faves participate.

 We get to see them outside their element

It is always great to see our talent do things outside what we know them for. Hopping on challenges with enthusiasm and child-like glee is one of those things. Whether it is the #UmlandoChallenge, #SowetoChallenge, or mimicking Oxlade in the #KulosaChallenge, it is interesting watching them do something different, and it shows there’s more to our celebrities than we know. Plus, they've got range. Watching 'My Siblings and I' star, Funke Akindele hop on a dance challenge showed us just how versatile this superstar is outside her usual acting role. Funke has solid moves for days. We loved every bit of this challenge, and we still can’t get enough of it.

Makes them way cooler

We love that our stars are hip to what's trending. Even though we already know they are cool, watching them jump on the latest trends makes them even cooler. Now that's a fave anyone would gladly stan! Shoot Your Shot and Family Feud Nigeria host Bisola Aiyeola is as cool as they come, but on this #CuffIt Challenge, she earned herself extra cool points.

Added push

There is no doubt that every show, movie, or personality needs as much promotion as possible. Away from traditional promotional strategies, hopping on challenges is an exciting way to get some extra exposure and much-needed push. The cast of Dilemma did a Finale push and a season wrap-up with this #PenkelemesiChallenge

C'mon, it's fun

Hey, let's not forget why we really love hopping on these challenges; for the fun of it! So why keep the fun all to ourselves? Our talent can get in on the action too. We still can't get over Venita's 'Suck belle's challenge’. This BB Naija alum and lead actor on the TV series ‘Unmarried’ loves to hop on challenges, especially dance challenges – and she seems to have the most fun. Just watching this clip, we know for sure she had a lot of 'laugh out loud' moments while recording.

Our stars have proven to us repeatedly that just like us, they love trending social media challenges. We love that they do, and we look forward to seeing them hop on more. It’s fun and who can really say no to fun? Got any social media challenges you would like your favourite Africa Magic talent to hop on? Share with us.