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Covenant and Itura premiere this October

22 September 2022
Introducing Africa Magic’s latest twin telenovelas
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Get ready for a double-dose of excitement and suspense as we take your entertainment up a notch, with the launch of two new Africa Magic original telenovelas this October; Covenant, and Itura. Both shows are all set to premiere on the 3rd of October on Africa Magic Showcase DStv channel 151. 
With Dilemma and Venge on the verge of an epic climax on the 30th of September, be rest assured that entertainment on Africa Magic Showcase only gets better, when Covenant and Itura take the baton. 

Don’t believe us? How about we give you a sneak peek at what to expect when the shows hit your screens?

This show follows the tale of three strangers on a perilous journey that will change them in ways they cannot imagine, as they discover truths that unite them, rock their worlds, and ultimately lead them to vow to make the greatest sacrifice through a covenant. All three strangers live lives symbolic of their most fatal of desires; survival, rage, and ambition, which when put together will drive them into doing the unthinkable in their quest for justice. Covenant premieres on October 3rd and airs every weekday on AM Showcase CH. 151 at 20:00 WAT.

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This is an epic drama series about the nascent kingdom of Ibaokuta and its struggle for peace. Jagungbade, the beloved King’s desire is for a kingdom based on equality, love, justice, prosperity, and peace. Suddenly assailed by a barrage of strange dreams spelling doom for the kingdom, he looks into the White Calabash of Truth for guidance. What he sees so shocks him that he suffers a heart attack. With his last breath, he instructs Awojide, the Chief Priest, to crown his second son, Obafemi, king. An instruction at odds with the founding agreement of the kingdom that anyone from the three ‘tribes’ can become the king. This kingship was to be determined by a vote of everyone in the kingdom. 

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With the kingdom in turmoil over this, Odejinmi finds out that his betrothed, Moremi is in love with Diekola, and in his bid to kill Diekola, he kills a trainee priest in error thinking it was Diekola. When the dead body is found floating in Ijimirin, the river of life whose waters will be used to wash the king’s body before burial, all hell breaks loose. The culprit has to be found and punished, else the King will not be buried – and an unburied King will bring pestilence and death to the Kingdom. Itura premieres on October 3rd and airs every weekday on AM Showcase CH. 151 at 20:30 WAT.

We know you are just as excited as we are for these amazing new shows. Just hang in there. October is almost here. Remember to tell a friend. You know TV Shows are even more exciting when you’ve got someone to banter with about them.