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Glass House

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The protective mother – Glass House Image : 18418
Inheritance struggle – Glass House Image : 18398
Inheritance struggle – Glass HouseFrustrated by Oscar's lack of drive to claim his father's inheritance, Charity reprimands him, reminding him of the extremes they went to, including murder, to seize control of the business.
A knife in the back – Glass House Image : 18344
A knife in the back – Glass HouseA heated exchange between Chief Amadi and Uju quickly spiralled out of control. Consumed by anger, Uju formulated a treacherous plot against the Chief.
Oscar goes wild – Glass House Image : 18276
Oscar goes wild – Glass HouseTo Uju's shock, she discovers she fell for Adaku's bait, while Oscar's thirst for power drives him to do the unthinkable to his father.
Chief Ebenezer faces the law – Glass House Image : 18252
Chief Ebenezer faces the law – Glass HouseUju is under pressure to assist in getting Oscar out of jail, Chief Ebenezer receives a visit from the police regarding the attack on Chief Amadi, and Ifeoma's life hangs in the balance, in the hands of her abductors.
The murder attempt – Glass House Image : 18218
The murder attempt – Glass HouseChidinma suggests that Adaku try using a magic potion to win over Chief Amadi's heart. Meanwhile, a botched murder attempt prompts Chief Amadi to disclose that Vera and Oscar aren't his biological children.
Fights and secrets – Glass House Image : 18188
Fights and secrets – Glass HouseAs Adaku and Vera engage in a heated altercation, Ugonna confides in Uju about his feelings for Adaku and drops a bombshell revelation: he didn't kill Emeka—he was already dead when he found him. Meanwhile, Oscar admits an ugly truth about his father.
Uju unleashes her inner monster  – Glass House Image : 18168
Uju unleashes her inner monster – Glass HouseAs Chief Azubuike pays the price for a wrong kidnapping, Oscar gets into a heated altercation with Adaku, leading him to plot with Charity. Meanwhile, the fiery Uju becomes monstrous and keen on destroying everything in her way to make her enemies tremble!
Adaku agrees to marry Chief Amadi  – Glass House Image : 18157
Adaku agrees to marry Chief Amadi – Glass HouseFollowing her mother's wish, a pregnant Adaku decides to marry Chief Amadi after he agrees to one of her critical conditions: taking over Emeka's role at the store.
Emeka's demise – Glass House Image : 18145
Emeka's demise – Glass HouseEmeka's ambition to establish his own empire takes a complicated turn when Chief Amadi presents him with a tempting offer to stay in his employ. However, this tempting proposition ultimately leads to Emeka's downfall.
Glass House premieres on Africa Magic Showcase – AM Promos Image : 18136
Glass House premieres on Africa Magic Showcase – AM PromosConsumed by vengeance, Adaku navigates a treacherous world of intrigues, secrets, betrayal and hidden agendas. But a chilling call from beyond the grave alters her path forever. Glass House premieres on the 1st of April on Africa Magic Showcase Ch.151 at 8:30pm.
The protective mother – Glass House