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We binged, now we reminisce II

22 August 2019
As the true entertainment architects that we are, we had to go back in time and relive those cringeworthy moments.
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We're back with another round of scenes that had us lose our minds more times than we'd initially signed up for!... Not that we're complaining though * wink *. 

When Alekwu ceased to be a fictitious figment engraved in the untrustworthy memory of four kids who’d been far too disorientated to even grasp their own reality; the kingdoms that surrounded Ocholuje were left totally submerged in awe. Just as Alechenu fell onto the mysterious throne carved from the equally mysterious tree, all things were made new and the kingdom’s barns were restored. We simply stan abi!

If you make more than a single appearance, then your own is international! Back to the Battleground Final Showdown saga; Teni was literally the spirit animal whose life we would give burnt offerings for… literally! So, you can imagine how we tripped when she bagged the spicy Dr Emeka, forever; but it wasn’t until she got dips on the dripping Tes that we literally drowned in jealousy… Holy ghost fire *wipes sweat*.

Making another appearance and justifiably so is Ajoche. Now, if common sentiments brought people together, then we’d all be as close as cousins from the 18th century because wow! Just like Forbidden’s Eboh Doregos, Oofuni drew a camp and had us stuck in her trance; this includes the great king of Ocholuje and the unforgiving general Apeh… But of all her misdemeanours, sawing off the general’s leg was IT. Bam, slam, thank you, ma’am!

Another famous second appearance biko… Halita. The never overbearing house-mother and boss extraordinaire, Kaka could have been the death of all us if we weren’t watching from the sidelines.
Going from saint to principality in seconds, the auntie was gunning for the smooth but gross downfall of the Zamani clan, no doubt! By the power vested in us by the 18th-century Alekwu, we summon the second season!  

It'd be a complete understatement to say we had an awesome series run but we'll say it... We had an awesome series run - Expect more rivetting entertainment courtesy of your fave, Africa Magic. See you on the flip side! 

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