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Top five finale moments – Dilemma

30 September 2022
An explosive finale with exciting moments that had us on the edge of our seats.
Dilemma Finale

After 260 episodes of captivating storytelling and a time jump in between, Dilemma finally came to an end on an epic note. In the weeks leading up to the finale, the stage was already set for a spectacular showdown and that's exactly what happened. From a rescue mission to a heavy gun battle, a chance at redemption, a hero saving the damsel, and a grand romantic wedding, this highly anticipated finale showdown had it all! 

The Capture
The plot on Dembele did not go according to plan, and in retaliation, he decided to wage war against the Waziris. He had his men deployed on all fronts. First on his radar were the Waziri children. The mission was simple – capture all of them dead or alive. Rumi led the charge and succeeded in capturing the Waziri kids after an exchange of gunfire. Also captured was Dembele's own daughter, Goldie, who was engaged to Tahir Waziri. Another band tried to capture Silk, who was involved in the attack on Dembele, but ended up capturing Tank instead. His intention was to ensure Silk was safe, but he ended up being overpowered by Dembele's men. With a majority of the Waziri’s captured, it was on to Phase two – the siege!

The siege 
For phase two, Dembele along with his goons proceeded to the Waziri mansion for the final assault. There he met a stronghold consisting of Kanan, UV, and Kaineto ready for battle. This was the showdown of showdowns. Both sides were equally matched in goons and firepower. It wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. Back at Dembele’s residence, the kids had already escaped but it came at a steep price paid by Zayn Waziri.

Rumi and Zayn’s death
After betraying the Waziri clan one too many times, Zayn finally redeemed himself when he pledged loyalty to his family and helped facilitate the escape of the Waziri kids including his daughter, Yolaine. Unfortunately, he ended up getting killed in the process. He wasn’t the only one who lost his life, Rumi lost hers as well. Fueled by hate for the Waziris and Kanso especially, she led a gang of goons alongside Dembele for the final assault and ended up losing her life to the man she once loved and tried to kill – Kanso Waziri.

Dembele reveal
While the assault waged on, Dembele and Kanan had a face-off right in front of Kaineto. This was where Henry Makanjuola revealed he wasn’t the only ‘Dembele’, Kanan was one too. Poor Kaineto was shocked at this revelation. The reveal notwithstanding, Kanan was there just in time to save Kaineto from being killed by Henry.

The Wedding
With the battle done and victory in the bag for the Waziris, it was time to complete what should have happened years ago – Kaineto and Kanan getting married. The two should have been together long ago, but life took them on different paths, and now, love brought them back together. What a way to end a fascinating season! 

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It is a wrap for Dilemma, but you can still get to relieve every pulsating moment of this telenovela on Showmax here.