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Talia Covenant

Talia Benson (Talia Gbadamosi)

Talia Benson is a sweet, young girl with an old soul. Raised by Iya Flexus her guardian, she grew up as a local prostitute steadily pimped out by her guardian to every man in the community she was raised. Talia has a fairly decent educational background but dropped out of secondary school when her guardian fell on hard times (but really when money stopped coming from her mum). She saved money working multiple jobs and put herself through a polytechnic. Although she has given up prostitution for years, she is pimped out by Iya Flexus again when WW rises to power. Despite being a prostitute by night, she is also a farmhand by day and a tutor to local street kids by noon. Talia aspires to be a better human and rise above the tough cards life has dealt her and the death of her guardian causes her to give up prostitution entirely. However, the eventual discovery of her true identity sets her on a mission to reclaim the life that was rightfully hers.

Unassuming, Driven, hardworking, resilient, kind, selfless, and resourceful.

Naïve, trusting, vengeful. Her naivete blindsides her often and just when it seems she will get over it, her quest for vengeance may very well be the end of her.

To build a different life for herself outside the slums. But post discovering her siblings, Talia’s mission becomes to get revenge on the people who changed the trajectory of her life.

A sense of stability and safety. To be independent. To let go of her quest for revenge and find inner peace.

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