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Nkechi Kane Ijamakinde

Nkechi Kane Ijimakinde (NK)

Nkechi is the only wife of Kane Ijimakinde at the moment. Their relationship is one of mutual respect, with brimming, deep-seated hatred and prayers for equally mutual destruction. The bottom line is the woman hates him and he hates her too. She is ambitious, beautiful, and interesting with a drive that is unmatched by anybody else in MKI’s life. That is until her accident, caused by her husband with the intention to kill her, which leaves her paralyzed

She is ambitious and a firm believer in doing what she says she will do. Tenacious, persistent, driven, great negotiation skills, and resilient. When it comes to being bullied by her husband, Nkechi will not back down or break. So who are the men of the world to step to her when MKI has not broken her?

Self-absorbed and refuses to come to terms with the fact that she has made a mess of being a mother to her children. She is absent, selfish, and allows her ambition to cloud her common sense.

To be a Senator, to walk again, to punish her husband for her circumstances, to ruin MKI’s career, to reunite with her first son, to regain her throne as the first lady of the Ijimakinde family, and more.

She needs to focus on her sons, gain independence from MKI, forgiveness from her sons, let go of her anger, figure out how to balance her ambition, and reunite with her sons who are the only family she really has now.

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