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MKI Kane Ijamakinde Covenant

Kane Ijimakinde (MKI)

His charismatic character hides a more dangerous, wicked, and power-hungry layer underneath A man with his hand in many pies, we follow MKI’s struggle to hold on to a power which was once his bending people to his will, keeping his family in line and asserting dominance in all spheres of his life.

Charismatic, Strong willed, will not stop till he gets what he is focused on. Tenacious determined, stoic, principled, ambitious, family-oriented, business savvy, and driven.  MKI is both the unmovable force and the unstoppable object.

He develops tunnel vision when he sees something that he desires. When he sets his eyes on a goal, he goes for it, sacrificing anything and anyone he must, and this usually leaves a lot of collateral
damage. He has also slept with all his son’s women.

Restoration of power, power, and more power, to assert dominance, to be revered, and respected without a moment’s hesitation.

The seat of the woman in the garden He also needs to admit the ways he has hurt his family, and remove his eyes from his son’s women

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