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Gboyega GJG Covenant

Gboyega James Gbadamosi (GJG)

GJG starts off as Deputy Governor of Lagos State, under the thumb of MKI, but when disaster strikes, the role of Governor is handed to him on a platter. At first, GJG is not sure what to do with his new position and is unaware of the power and the pull of being Governor but when MKI begins to agitate against him, he slowly realizes that to play this game, one must do what he must, to survive.

Stubborn, a great listener, has the ability to look the part, not easily deterred from a goal, confident, charming, he gives off a feeling of greatness, a leader, adaptability, learns from past circumstances, and tries to come back stronger. People are wowed by his highly motivational speeches as he can sway them with a grandiose string of words that say get up and do it, he leaves people in awe of his presence.

Oily, snake oil salesman, afraid of MKI, stubborn even in the face of threats, manipulative, short-sighted, concentrates on the now, and is in a game he does not even understand how to play. Easily comfortable when he assumes things are going his way and underestimate his enemies.

Has his mind set on the governorship seat and desperately wants to get MKI off his back so as to hold on to the power that has fallen into his grasp.

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