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Milicent Covenant

Adunola Millicent Erhu

Popularly known as Millicent, she starts off as an ambitious power-hungry young woman stepping into the Nigerian political world. A beloved daughter to Olorogun and Fatimah, sister to Onome, and friend to whoever is available. She is focused and her main goal is to be elected into the house of representatives and be an influential politician like her parents. Things are not as easy as she expects and life forces her to adjust her view. Shaken by loss and grief, Millicent starts to go against the ones that raised her and she soon has to bite the iron hands that feed her.

Ambitious, focused, charismatic, intelligent, stubborn, politically savvy, and driven.

Mummy & Daddy issues (seeking external validation & approval), false sense of independence, fear of failure, always having her guards up (masking), not trusting and entitled.

To win her election, make her family proud, and always be in control.

Internal validation and to break away from the family shadow.

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