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Adaora Covenant

Adaora Nwelue Bhadmus

The matriarch of the Bhadmus clan, Adaora is the owner of ANAVIOSI HOLDINGS, an asset management company that is used to fund AGUJA EN EL CIELO (Needle in the Sky), a 26-floor luxury office space. Adaora is willing to do anything to continue to live a life free from the stain of Kolade’s criminal legacy, including keeping a toxic relationship with Olorogun Erhu. Unbeknownst to her, MKI and Olorogun, two of her major investors, plan to use her dream project as a money laundering front, and as a result, she is forced to work with her enemy-turned-lover, Santiago Dos Santos. Adaora expects to find respite when her daughter Teni returns but instead, she’s embroiled in the tenuous relationship between Teni and Dr. Emeka Kalu.

Love for family, ambitious, street smart and book smart, straightforward, tactful, patient, strategic, weaponized sexual appeal, goal getter, intentional, chameleon.

Selfish, self-centered, unscrupulous, classist, vengeful

Freedom from oppressors, stability, safety, control, security, power, money, legacy, survival

Freedom from her past

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