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Duchess Covenant

Duchess Apuvere

Business woman, sexual connoisseur, Lagos big girl, social media influencer, and owner of Serenity by Duchess; an aromatherapy and self-care store that doubles as an underground sex club for the rich and powerful. Duchess oozes expensive high-class sex appeal always wearing bright coloured, fashionable wigs, accentuating her scandalously racy outfits. She has a vendetta against Gbadamosi for a wrong done to her many years ago and makes it her mission to bring him down. Her revenge plot gets even bigger when she reconnects with her long-lost younger brother Santiago and realises that Gbadamosi is in fact only one of the 4 families responsible for the ruin of her family, and subsequent misfortunes that befell her afterward.

Attractive, beautiful, wily, intelligent, independent, seductive, manipulative, weaponizes her sexuality, classy, sophisticated, humane, ruthless, and believes in reward and punishment.

Vengeful, vain, hyper-sexualized, rash, attention seeker, histrionic, rage issues, and pretentious, Lies.

To find Madam Yemisi and by extension, the daughter she lost so long ago, to revenge on Gbadamosi for the wrong he did to her, and access to high Network Individuals.

To heal from the wounds of her past, She needs to forgive herself for letting go of Talia, She needs to heal from her traumas.

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