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Day 7 - 30 Jul: Uriel crashes Neoenergy and Ilebaye’s situationship – BBNaija

30 July 2023
Neoenergy and Ilebaye’s situationship takes a turn as Uriel steps into the mix.
Uriel and Neoenergy kiss

After the Saturday night party, Uriel finally released a little steam by sharing a sensual kiss with Neoenergy in the garden. Neoenergy will eventually be the catalyst for a lot of drama in the early hours of today.

Uriel introduced us to Tayisha today as she recounted her ordeal with Neoenergy after the Saturday night party with Seyi and Ike. They spoke about her actions as she recollected in bits and pieces the details of her interaction with Neoenergy the previous night. Uriel expressed regret, as she had promised herself she would not do anything with Neoenergy because she considered him too young for her. In conclusion, Seyi promised not to give her too much alcohol moving forward because she revealed she was not the best at handling its effects.

Side note: Uriel and Neoenergy’s kiss is the first of the season and might just be the first of many more to come.

Neoenergy seemed to be at the centre of a lot of drama in the early hours of today, as Ilebaye and Venita also got into a fight because of him. Ilebaye had called him an ape while speaking to Angel about not having affection for him. Venita, however, was not happy with Ilebaye’s attitude towards Neoenergy and confronted Ilebaye about it. The fight ended with Venita tearing up in the restroom while Mercy Eke tried to calm her down.

Neoenergy, who seemed stressed about the whole ordeal, revealed in the garden that he had shared an intimate moment with Ilebaye outside the house, and he wasn't feeling her there either. Could there have been more that happened between Ilebaye and Neoenergy outside the house?

Uriel regrets her wild night

Could this be the reason why he has been confused about their situationship? There are so many questions, but we are sure the answers will come pouring out soon.

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