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Day 69: 30 Sept: Cross cries over losing a car – BBNaija

29 September 2023
Ceec and Cross' friendship was tested in All Stars after an epic win for Ceec, but a loss for Cross.
Cross' tears

The second round of the Innoson task brought unexpected tension to the house. The housemates were gearing up for the challenge, and as they filed into the arena, Cross found himself in an uncomfortable situation. He had his eye on the coveted number 2 spot, believing it was a position that the spirits had guided him to. But Ceec had other plans. She boldly occupied the spot, inviting Cross to be a gentleman and choose another position, as she also desired to be in the number 2 spot.

What happened next set the stage for a conflict that would test the newfound friendship between Cross and Ceec. Unbeknownst to the housemates, that number 2 spot would determine the winner of the evening. Cross firmly believed it was meant for him, a conviction he had arrived at after deep prayer and reflection. However, during this crucial moment, Ceec shouted at him, urging him to stop praying with the words, "Let God rest."

When the announcement was made, and Ceec was declared the winner of the car, the housemates erupted in joy, celebrating her victory. But amid the jubilation, Cross remained seated on a bench in the arena, his disappointment palpable. It was a stark contrast to the festive atmosphere that surrounded him.

Cross's hurt and disappointment were evident as he shared his feelings with Mercy Eke and Pere. In response, Mercy offered some consolation, saying, "You can't cry over spilt milk." However, Cross couldn't easily let go of his disappointment. He was seen wiping away his tears from the bottom of his shades, a gesture that spoke volumes about his emotional state at the time.

Watch Cross open up to housemates: 

Instead of confronting Ceec immediately, Cross chose to retreat to his bed, where he encountered Adekunle. It was in this private setting that he continued to open up about his pain, emphasising that "friendship comes before competition." Adekunle, showing empathy and understanding, encouraged Cross to have a conversation with Ceec when he was in a better frame of mind.

Before this incident, Cross and Ceec had been growing closer by the day, even making plans to connect outside the Big Brother house. But the events of that evening had cast a shadow over their budding friendship. The question now lingers: has this incident compromised the possibility of a future friendship between Cross and Ceec, or is there still hope for reconciliation?

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