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Day 54: 15 Sept: Cross and Ilebaye, romance to wahala! – BBNaija

15 September 2023
A seemingly fun night quickly turned into a heated argument between HoH Cross and Ilebaye over missing alcohol.
Cross and Baye fight

The Thursday grill and pool party at the Big Brother Naija house is supposed to be a night of laughter, joy and relaxation, but it ended in tears, thanks to a heated argument over missing alcohol. The drama that unfolded left everyone shocked, as Cross and Ilebaye went from serving couple goals to engaging in a bitter feud.

Earlier in the night, the two had been paired up for a Close Up task. During their performance, they shared an endearing love story, revealing how they met and fell for each other, even treating their fellow housemates to a steamy dance.

The atmosphere was filled with romance, but little did anyone know that it wouldn't take long for that romance to turn into a fiery argument. It all began when Cross noticed that some of the alcohol, specifically Ceec's drinks, had mysteriously disappeared from the table. Confused and frustrated, he couldn't figure out who was responsible.

Ilebaye couldn't help but ask Cross what had happened not once, not twice, but three times. Cross found her repeated questions irritating and yelled at her in frustration. This unexpected outburst shocked Ilebaye and it didn't take long for her to shout back, turning the peaceful party into a battleground of noise.

Watch Ilebaye's wahala with Ceec:

The rapid shift from the lovey-dovey couple to adversaries left the other housemates bewildered. Cross quickly realised his mistake and apologised for shouting, but the damage had been done. An upset Ilebaye retreated to her bed, where she cried out loud, visibly hurt by the altercation.

What was most striking though, was the reaction of their fellow housemates. While Ilebaye was nursing her emotional wounds, Alex and Soma seemed to distance themselves from the situation, opting to enjoy the party rather than 'get involved' in any way. 

The question now is whether there's a resolution in sight for this fallout between Cross and Ilebaye. Whether these two can mend their relationship and return to serving couple goals, remains to be seen. 

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