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Day 5 - 28 Jul: Tolanibaj comes for Ilebaye – BBNaija

28 July 2023
Ilebaye kicked out of Neoenergy's bed by Tolanibaj.
Ilebaye shocked

The first pool party night ended in a heated exchange, and a spirited battle for bed covers in the All Stars house. Ilebaye brought her full Gen Z energy to the pool party and ended up in the other bedroom, snuggling next to fellow housemate, Neoenergy as they chatted. Their time together in bed however, did not last due to an unimpressed Tolanibaj, who took exception to Ilebaye being in Neo's bed. 

To make it known that she would like her to leave his bed, Tolanibaj pulled the covers off the twosome, shocking Ilebaye. "Go to your room," Tolanibaj instructed, as Ilebaye stubbornly continued sitting on the bed. To drive the point home, Tolanibanj grabbed the blanket and lay on top of it, even fighting Neoenergy, who was trying to take it from her. 

Fighting Ilebaye's battles

As Tolanibaj pulled the covers, Neoenergy kept gently asking her to give the cover back. As they struggled for it, he kept asking her what the issue was, and Tolanibaj told him, "I don't like her energy." 

The ultimatum

The heated interaction ended up with Ilebaye leaving the room after Neoenergy left. He looked defeated after Tolanibaj gave him an ultimatum: Either Ilebaye leaves, or their friendship is over. "Why would you put me on the spot like that?" Neoenergy asked Tolanibaj, who stuck by her demand. All of this happened after Neoenergy made a friendly confession to Tolanibaj earlier about Ilebaye's attempt to kiss him in the bathroom, a kiss he ducked. Did this perhaps upset Tolanibanj? 

Doyin the comforter 

After Ilebaye walked out of the bedroom, Ike mentioned to Doyin that Ilebaye is too friendly, prompting Doyin to go out and check on her. Doyin ended up advising Ilebaye about navigating the house, telling her, "There’s a way you carry yourself, and people won't feel the need to talk to you anyhow. If Neo really cared about you, he would have defended you". After Ilebaye tried seeking some clarity about the bedroom incident with Neoenergy, to no avail, she found herself sitting with Doyin and Kiddwaya. The two were quarrelling, and after Kiddwaya said Doyin is not confident, Ilebaye interjected. Doyin then asked Ilebaye to excuse herself since she wanted to iron out her issues with Kiddwaya. Ilebaye refused, and tried interjecting again.

Later, Ilebaye ended up in Kiddwaya's bed, which he abandoned for a different one without Ilbebaye, who swiftly followed him. He left that bed for his own again, and Ilebaye finally got the message. 

Is she intentionally being iced out in the house by her fellow housemates as the youngest one? 

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