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Day 49: 10 Sept: Week 7 in the All Stars house – BBNaija

10 September 2023
An Earth-themed week in the All Stars taught about saving the planet, but the wahala almost burned the house down.
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In the electrifying seventh week of Big Brother Naija All Stars, the drama continued to unfold as housemates navigated the challenges of the game. The week kicked off with Sholzy as the reigning Head of House, a surprising turn of events given Doyin's earlier declaration that Sholzy would never hold this position. Sholzy, however, proved the doubters wrong and took the throne with pride.

Sholzy wasted no time in forming alliances, selecting CeecIlebayeMercy Eke, and Whitemoney as his close companions. He also took on the role of disciplinarian in the house, particularly when it came to the weekly wager task. Under his leadership, the house managed to complete the wager task ahead of schedule, leaving them with extra time to prepare for the highly anticipated Thursday pool and grill party.

The house's performance during the weekly wager task impressed the newly introduced wager judges, consisting of three former housemates: Chizzy, Ozo, and Vandora. Their unanimous decision awarded the house a victory, adding a sense of accomplishment to their week.

However, not everything was smooth sailing during Earth Week. Housemates were tasked with taking care of assigned potted plants, but even this seemingly innocuous activity couldn't prevent conflicts from arising. Adekunle and Alex found themselves locked in a heated exchange, leaving one wondering about the root of their disagreement.

Meanwhile, Doyin engaged in a fiery argument with Pere, resulting in an unexpected hole in the wall. The infamous parrot, known for its penchant for stirring up trouble, made a return and brought chaos along with it. The altercation between Doyin and Pere was just one of the fireworks it ignited during the week.

Watch Pere and Doyin's altercation: 

Wager preparation also led to tension, with Venita and Sholzy experiencing a brief clash. However, they quickly resolved their differences and collaborated effectively. On a less harmonious note, Mercy Eke earned herself a strike for violating microphone rules, a reminder that rules in the house must be adhered to, no matter the circumstances. Neonergy and Pere were also punished for whispering and found themselves in a peculiar situation, forced to wear a dual yellow onesie and spend hours together, even napping and going to the bathroom as a duo.

As for matters of the heart, the house continued to see budding romances. Somgel and Adenita, despite their occasional bumps in the road, appeared to be growing stronger. Adekunle and Venita also had their share of disagreements but managed to move past them, a marked improvement from the previous week's argument that saw Venita opening up to her close friend Angel about her sadness.

Yet, it wasn't just the existing pairs that drew attention. During the Saturday night rave, sparks flew between Mercy Eke and Pere, culminating in passionate kisses. Could this be the start of something more meaningful, or was it just a momentary connection? Mercy Eke's endearing reference to Whitemoney as her "baby" raised questions about the status of their ship.

In the midst of these romantic developments, Cross, KimOprah, and Pere continue to find themselves in an intriguing dynamic. KimOprah's shifting affections between the two men sparked jealousy in Cross at the rave. Will she eventually choose a side, and how will this affect the house dynamics?

With the week drawing to a close, the looming eviction night cast a shadow of uncertainty over the house. At least one housemate would be leaving, and their departure would undoubtedly reshape the landscape of the game. Who is going home between Doyin, Ilebaye, Venita and Whitemoney? 

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