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Day 46 - 7 Sept: An inflammatory morning meeting between Venita and Sholzy – BBNaija

07 September 2023
Tensions rise in the All Stars house as the morning meeting heats up.
Venita and Sholzy

This morning, two housemates found themselves embroiled in a tense and "inflammatory" morning meeting, as described by Venita, which left the atmosphere charged with frustration and resentment. The catalyst for this clash? A comment by the current HoH, Sholzy, regarding the upcoming wager task.

Watch Sholzy win the HoH title:

The drama unfolded immediately after the housemates had completed their morning workout and gathered for the daily meeting. Sholzy took the floor to announce the progress for the upcoming wager task. Under his strict guidance, the house had made remarkable progress, almost completing three out of the five trees required for the task. It was a commendable achievement, and Sholzy was understandably proud of the collective effort.

However, it was when Sholzy began discussing the division of labour and groups that things took an unexpected turn. Venita took issue with Sholzy's comments, describing them as inflammatory. Sholzy appeared puzzled by the choice of words and even went so far as to suggest that "everything is inflammatory," demonstrating a lack of understanding of the term.

The specific comment that triggered Venita's reaction was Sholzy's expression of happiness that the task was no longer allocated to specific groups but was being done collectively. To Venita, this seemed like a disregard for the hard work that the groups had put into the project. She argued that Sholzy's comments were provoking anger and violent feelings among the housemates, hence labelling them as inflammatory.

The house had spent the better part of Day 45 working tirelessly, drilling, and painting in preparation for the wager task. Sholzy's leadership had instilled a spirit of collaboration among the housemates, all of whom were eager to contribute and secure a potential victory, especially after the previous week's wager loss. Despite this sense of unity, conflicts were bound to arise, and this morning's meeting proved to be one of those moments.

Sholzy attempted to address Venita's concerns by telling her, "There are two types of people: a talker and a doer," encouraging her to take action instead of merely talking and waiting for Biggie to provide materials. Venita, however, remained steadfast in her belief that Sholzy should refrain from making inflammatory comments, which she referred to as "his callous mouth."

What makes this confrontation even more intriguing is the history between Sholzy and Venita. Both of them were housemates in the same season, so could there be more brewing beneath the surface? Will this clash distract them from the wager, or will Sholzy's apology help them move past the morning clash? 

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