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Day 44: 5 Sept: Betrayal runs deep in the All Stars house – BBNaija

05 September 2023
There seems to be a web of betrayal in the house caused by nominations.
nomination betrayal

Betrayal, a subtle but ever-present undercurrent in the Big Brother Naija All Stars house, recently took centre stage as Doyin and Angel's carefully crafted conspiracy came crashing down. What initially appeared to be a formidable alliance between two strong-willed and expressive housemates has unravelled, leaving Doyin blindsided and emotionally shaken. 

The drama began when Doyin and Angel found themselves bonding over shared opinions during a conversation about potential nominations. The duo identified Venita as a common target, noting her alleged "mean girl" demeanour and her penchant for demanding respect without reciprocating it. 

Watch Angel and Doyin talk about Venita: 

However, when the time for nominations arrived, Angel, seemingly betraying her partnership with Doyin, nominated Doyin herself. Meanwhile, Doyin nominated her partner, Soma, leaving viewers bewildered by the sudden change of course. The house witnessed a classic case of deception, where an alliance's carefully laid plans fell apart during the crucial nomination process.

This incident isn't an isolated case of betrayal within the house. During one of the pardon me please nominations, Ilebaye appeared to break her promise to Cross by nominating her close friend, Doyin, despite agreeing to pardon Tolanibaj during the pardon me please twist. 

KimOprah is also grappling with a sense of betrayal from the newly crowned HoH, Sholzy. Her disappointment stems from Sholzy's failure to choose her as one of his BFFs throughout the week. Sholzy attempted to rationalise his decision by citing concerns related to Cross, but KimOprah swiftly reminded him that she entered the house as an independent contestant. This left her with the distinct impression that Sholzy's choice was more rooted in his game strategy.

Venita, too, has had her share of disappointment and betrayal. She expressed her frustration when she learned that Mercy Eke had facilitated KimOprah's pardon without consulting her. When questioned about her own deviation from the alliance's agreement to pardon Frodd, Venita justified her actions by claiming she had already signalled her reluctance before entering the diary room.

Amidst all this chaos, Angel and Venita's friendship appears to be growing stronger. Angel confided in Venita about her weariness of plot twists and her plan to wear earbuds to block out the house noise, cementing their bond further. It's a curious dynamic, as Angel has seemingly betrayed Doyin's trust but maintained a close relationship with Venita.

The big question that looms over the house; Are housemates aware of the betrayals they are perpetrating, or do they fail to see their choices as acts of betrayal? 

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