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Day 34 – 26 Aug: Ceec and Doyin's friendship hits the rocks – BBNaija

26 August 2023
A once-blooming sismance is on the verge of collapse.
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Ceec and Doyin are at odds right now, and they both disclosed why this afternoon in a series of conversations with Ike and Whitemoney. Ceec admitted to Ike that she had stopped conversing with Doyin because Doyin had just snubbed her, leading her to feel Doyin had something against her. Doyin admitted to Whitemoney, in a shocking turn of events, that she too believed Ceec was being snobbish towards her, explaining her decision not to engage in discussion with her. Both Ceec and Doyin expressed their disappointment in the breakdown of their friendship, with Ceec going into more details with Ike as to why she is not interested in finding a solution to the breakdown in her communication with Ceec. 

Ceec's point of view

After a little bit of inquiry, Ceec revealed to Ike that her most recent reason for not speaking to Doyin was because Doyin snubbed her for no reason. She, however, said there were more reasons for her decision to not speak to Doyin. Ceec explained to Ike that she felt disrespected when Doyin ignored her without any explanation. She also mentioned that she had noticed Doyin's tendency to act differently around different people, which made her question the authenticity of their friendship. Additionally, Ceec pointed out that she had been on the receiving end of subtle insults and sarcastic remarks from Doyin, further contributing to the breakdown in their communication. 

Doyin's point of view

Doyin, while speaking with Whitemoney, also cited Ceec snobbing her as the reason why she decided not to speak with her further. She went on to claim there was a conspiracy by some of the female housemates to isolate her. This, she claims, is connected to why Ceec and other female housemates are not speaking with her. Doyin continued her rant with Alex and eventually decided she would give the other ladies space if that's what they wanted. 

Are Ceec and Doyin reacting to a little misunderstanding, or is it possible that miscommunication and misunderstandings have escalated into a larger conflict, causing tension between Doyin and other female housemates? Only time will tell if they can resolve their differences and mend their relationships. 

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