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Day 3 - 26 Jul: Emotions and calculations are running high – BBNaija

26 July 2023
Housemates share their thoughts about open nomination talks and the emotional rollercoaster of being surrounded by All Stars.
All Stars Diary Session

In the electrifying atmosphere of the All Stars Big Brother Naija house, emotions are already reaching fever pitch, leaving the contestants on edge. Unlike the usual Big Brother Naija seasons where naivety and innocence were common among contestants, the All Stars edition is an entirely different beast. This time, housemates have a deeper understanding of the game's mechanics, leading them to potentially adopt more calculated and strategic approaches.

Diary room confessions 

In his first diary session of the season, housemate Cross opened up about the overwhelming emotions and stress he is experiencing, even though it has been less than a week since they reunited under the famous Big Brother roof. For him, the choice of housemates Biggie chose for the season is handful enough to contribute to this current fatigue. Seyi also told Biggie that he was feeling tired. Cross understands that his fellow housemates are well-versed in the art of manipulation and strategy. This knowledge can be both a blessing and a curse, as it adds to the intensity of the game while also contributing to the heightened emotional rollercoaster inside the house for him.

On the topic of emotional rollercoasters, Mercy Eke and Ike are currently not on speaking terms due to their complicated history, and this situation has been causing concern for Mercy Eke about how they will navigate being in the same house. Nevertheless, she is making an effort to coexist, even though Mercy Eke feels that having both of them in the house is a setup.

Venita also expressed her concerns about investing her energy wisely within the house. She told Biggie, "I've been running around like a bunny rabbit on steroids trying to lift the mood up." In a sea of calculated moves and strategic gameplay, Alex told Biggie that she did not want to be calculated in the game as she had no names of possible evictions. Whitemoney on the other hand was quick to give Biggie two names for possible evictions; Ilebaye or Princess

This season has already seen housemates forming alliances and creating webs of deceit, leaving housemates like Ilebaye cautious about whom she trusts. Even though Biggie changed the nomination discussions rule, she recognises the need to stay vigilant and calculated in her every move to ensure her survival in the game. She told Biiggie that she will be joining alliances to stay in the know. Soma told Biggie that he is too simple of a guy to be scheming. Will he be too busy trying to lay off the game to be plotting? 

The first All Stars HoH Adekunle sang "I am riding solo, solo" when asked about his alliances. He thinks Biggie's new rule will change the dynamics of the game. Alliances might lead to momentary alignment, but for him, it does not guarantee that none of the alliance members will stab each other in the back. 

In the next coming weeks, will the drama, emotions, alliances, and strategic manoeuvring intensify?

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