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Day 2 - 25 Jul: A tale of tension and reconciliation – BBNaija

25 July 2023
Mercy Eke's eagerness to win the wager led to a confrontation that caused tension with Adekunle.
Mercy and Adekunle tension

After Adekunle's HoH win and wager task handout, the house was split between those ready to start planning for the task and those who wanted to rest. Unfortunately, the resting geng had amongst them the new HoH, Adekunle, and Mercy Eke was not shy to give him her honest opinion about the start of his reign. 

Adekunle's HoH win: 

The confrontation 

Adekunle, Soma, Angel, Cross, Kiddwaya, Neoenergy, Ilebaye, Tolanibanj, and Venita were among the housemates that were taking it easy in the bedroom. Dressed in a classy pink tracksuit, Mercy Eke came into the bedroom to share her frustrations as to why they are not in the garden preparing for the wager. "It's your first wager and you guys are not being serious," Mercy Eke shared with the lounging housemates. 

Adekunle remained calm and stared at her as she continued sharing her growing frustrations. "Please take over," was her dare to Adekunle, who responded, in her absence, that he will take over when he disciplines her for addressing the housemates, and him, in that manner. 

For peace's sake, Cross and Ilebaye followed Mercy Eke to the garden and Cross encouraged the housemates to all go for 30 minutes and come back. However, the chillers did not follow. Tolanibanj stated that "We can be dedicated tomorrow," and since that was the original plan, Adekunle stuck to it. 

The dedicated housemates in the garden included Alex, Whitemoney, Pere, Doyin, CeeC and Princess

The address

Adekunle woke Uriel up to address all the housemates who went on a hunt for Kiddwaya. The housemates had received merchandise from Moniepoint that Adekunle wanted to distribute, but also wanted to address the issue surrounding the wager. At the mention of the word "wager", Mercy Eke stood up, grabbed a Moniepoint bag and went to the bedroom. She went as far as getting into the bed and covering herself with her duvet when the conversation in the lounge by the HoH was about her. 

Adekunle did not take likely to her leaving during a meeting he is chairing, adding that HoH tables turn and he can do the same when she is also a HoH. 

The reconciliation

As planned, Adekunle addressed the housemates regarding the task strategy after Day 2's arena workout and Alex gave the core idea that all the housemates would brainstorm. After that meeting, Mercy asked Adekunle to the side and had a quick conversation that ended in an embrace. 

The future 

Have the two made up and will Mercy Eke be able to follow Adekunle's leadership or will her competitive streak get the better of her? 

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