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Day 13 – 5 Aug: Ilebaye at heartbreak hotel – BBNaija

05 August 2023
A momentary vow of silence saw Pere attempting to decipher what role he played in Ilebaye's sad state.
Ilebaye and Pere

After their wager presentation, an intriguing non-verbal conversation took place between Ilebaye and Pere, shedding light on the underlying sadness that had been weighing her down. With Ilebaye choosing not to vocalise her feelings, the task of understanding her emotions fell upon Pere, as he joined her on a quiet garden couch. 

Time after the housemates' wager presentation, Ilebaye retreated to a solitary corner in the garden, a clear indication that something was amiss. Concerned about her well-being, Pere approached her, eager to grasp the reason behind her sadness. The atmosphere was tense, and the stakes were high as Pere tried to coax her into speaking about her feelings.

Refusal to use words

Despite Pere's genuine concern, Ilebaye chose to remain silent. She seemed reluctant to vocalise her emotions, opting instead to express herself through alternative means. Pere's inquiries about Ilebaye's whereabouts regarding a potential conflict with another housemate, and Ilebaye's refusal to participate in verbal conversation, added to the intrigue of the situation. As Pere gradually decoded Ilebaye's unspoken emotions, he exhibited remarkable patience and empathy. 

As the conversation progressed, Ilebaye resorted to spelling out her thoughts, albeit with difficulty and frustration. Pere struggled to grasp the full extent of her emotions, as she spelled out fragments of her inner turmoil. 

Previously, Ilebaye has expressed feeling targeted by the female housemates due to her youth and the controversial reputation that preceded her. Ilebaye's story had often been associated with controversy and conflicts with other housemates, such as Tolanibaj and Angel

Watch Angel and Ilebaye butt heads: 

The last altercations she had took a toll on her emotional well-being, crying, eating by herself and even asking Doyin to pray with her. Could Ilebaye's choice to remain mute be a defensive mechanism to avoid further conflicts in the house? 

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