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Day 1 - 24 Jul: Fake nominations fuel confusion – BBNaija

24 July 2023
If they knew what HoH Adekunle knows, the BFFs wouldn't be so excited and the rest of the All Stars wouldn't be stressing.
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If the first nominations of the All Stars season were not declared a practice round, a few lovelies would be facing the dagger. However, Big Brother flipped the script on the All Stars when, instead of announcing the list of nominated housemates, simply told them to enjoy the week.

After conspiring for over an hour, Angel, Doyin, Ilebaye, Princess and Tolanibaj agreed that Venita would be best placed to face the dagger this week. The ladies made a pact, but once in the diary room, Ilebaye decided to drop the girls and put up Tolanibaj, while Angel picked Seyi. 


Surprisingly, Venita nominated Ilebaye and that meant that the resident Gen Z earned three nominations, right behind Venita who got the highest with four, alongside Princess. “You’re a sweet girl, I love you and I’m sorry,” Kiddwaya lamented after placing Ilebaye's head firmly on the chopping block. 

The nominations exercise was a bit of a struggle for some of the housemates but the job had to be done. “He’s my guy, I like him…sorry man," Ike said after nominating Soma. 

Big Brother asked housemates to nominate only one housemate for possible eviction this week, which is quite different to the usual two from past seasons, possibly prompting a change of plans for many. Princess nominated Venita sticking to what she and the girls agreed on during their kokonsa. Ilebaye dropped the truce and went south with her own choice of Tolanibaj. However, Venita went for Ilebaye’s head, the one girl who didn’t nominate her. You can never tell in this house!

This is how the All Stars nominated:

Housemate Nomination



Neoenergy Whitemoney 0
Angel Seyi 0
Pere Princess 1
Princess Venita  4
Whitemoney Ilebaye 1
Ilebaye Tolanibaj 3
Seyi Princess 2
Mercy Eke Pere 0
Cross Doyin 0
Tolanibaj Venita 1
Ike Soma 1
Doyin Venita 2
Soma Venita 1
Alex Ike 0
Venita Ilebaye 4
Kiddwaya Ilebaye 0
Uriel Doyin 0
Frodd Princess 0
CeeC Seyi 0
HoH Adekunle Princess 0

By the power vested in the head of house and black envelope

Just before placing his nomination, Big Brother let in HoH Adekunle on a little secret, giving an edge over the other housemates but first he had to cast his nomination. He quickly put Princess up, stating that she is the only one he hasn't quite connected with in the All Stars house. "This week all housemates will be safe from possible eviction so nominations are fake," Biggie blurted the secret out. There was a catch, the head of house was to keep this secret and not share with even his BFFs. 

For winning the first black envelope challenge, Mercy Eke gained immunity from nominations and she too was relieved to at least know her fate for the week. Though Frodd had also managed to find a black envelope, he was not as lucky as his message read "better luck next time". Thanks to HoH Adekunle, he made the cut for BFFs.

Whether or not Adekunle will be able to keep it in his chest, we shall see. Perhaps we focus our energies on whether these fake nominations have anything to do with unfinished business from seasons past?

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