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18 July 2023
Biggie’s guests are known to wax lyrical when the need arises and it leaves the streets in awe.
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Over the years, the Big Brother Naija Housemates have dropped a few spoken gems that rocked the streets while they tried to survive the muddied waters of Bigie’s House.
These words were borne out of the feelings of love, rage, passion and good ole fun.☺ Though they were said in moments of extreme emotion or calm, they have lingered on in our minds like the smell of freshly fried plantains.😆 Let’s take a look at them below.

1. “Now I am aggressive and I will always be aggressive. That’s who Bisola is.” - Bisola
During the See Gobe Season, runner-up Bisola uttered these words as she defended herself during an infamous argument with T-Boss. The two had a back-and-forth right from the morning of that day and in a bid to foster peace, HoH Bassey gave the two ladies a little time to express their grievances. Though it became heated, Bisola’s words rang through the lounge as she owned the aggressive tag that T-Boss threw her way. 

2. “I think you have the Samson syndrome in the sense that you are quite strong but you ket a lot of Delilah in your life that are actually taking your strength away” - Bitto
During a bonding session imposed by Biggie, the Double Wahala Housemates were told to say one thing they did not like about their fellow Housemates and Bitto went in on the HoH of the time Tobi. He was particularly concerned about Tobi being distracted by the ladies in the House. 

3. “You were never part of my strategy. Me liking you in this house was something that I definitely didn’t see coming.” - Lolu
After Anto made her entry back into the Double Wahala House, she made a couple of statements towards her love interest Lolu, which pointed to the fact that his affection for her was all part of a game plan and nothing more. Lolu however, tried to reassure her of his affection with these magic words.😍

4. “You’re like a 15-year-old girl on heat.” - Mike
During one of the numerous fights which took place in the Pepper Dem Season, Mike and Omashola traded words with each other in what seemed like world war in Biggie’s House. While they both spat fire, 🔥 Mike had social media in stitches 😂 when he said these words. 

5. “This is getting out of hand o! You need some happiness.” - Frodd
Still on the Pepper Dem Season, Frodd and Tacha had a couple of heated moments that made it seem like they had been mortal enemies in their past lives.🧐 After having one of these moments in the kitchen, Frodd reiterated his ordeal to some of his fellow Pepper Dem Housemates who burst into laughter when he told them he had told Tacha this now famous line. 

6. The one thing i will never do is take you for granted. Where it’s going to hurt is if you start taking me for granted. - Ozo
Some of the best quotes we have heard in Biggi’e house were from Housemates who were dealing with matters of the heart and Ozo’s words struck deep as he spoke to Vee about his relationship troubles with Nengi. 

7. “How many bandanas should one person have? Like why can’t he try something else like wigs or something?” - Vee
While the Lockdown Housemates had a little time in the sun, Vee took a fun jab at Tricky Tee about the amount of Bandanas he came with into Biggie’s House. 

8. “You can grow into someone that you never liked before because you are seeing the person every day.” - Whitemoney
The Shine Ya Eye House was rife with talks of ships (Even though there weren’t a lot of these in the House). In one of these discussions, Whitemoney and Queen spoke about how easy it is for Housemates to get attached to each other because of the amount of time they share with each other. 

9. “I work with words. Don’t let me guess. Tell me how you feel directly.” - Daniella
The Level Up House was not just filled with conversations about ships, there were a couple that rocked the House and one of those was that of Daniella and Dotun. In a fun girl chat, Bella asked Daniella if she had eyes for Dotun first or Khalid. She responded by choosing Khalid first because Dotun expressed an interest in friendship and words meant a lot to her.

10. "If anybody asks, I will be like we are together but we are not official" - Deji
Deji rocked social media with these words when he spoke to Chichi about how he would address questions about their affair with other Housemates. Even though Chichi seemed chilled with what he was saying, a lot of viewers tagged Deji a player who wasn't looking for anything serious with her. 

Hear it for yourselves!

The Housemates have definitely dropped serious bangers over the Seasons and we are sure a lot more will wax lyrical in this coming Season.

We know you too remember some more gems from Big Brother Naija, tell us about it on our socials.

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