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Day 29: Nominated Housemates have Eviction Diary Sessions – BBNaija

21 August 2022
Amaka, Chizzy, Daniella, Groovy, Kess, Modella, and Pharmsavi bear their hearts to Biggie before the Live Eviction Show.
Nominated Housemaates

After Monday's HoH Games, Adekunle, with the help of Level 1 Housemates, nominated Amaka, Chizzy, Daniella, Groovy, Kess, Modella, and Pharmsavi for possible Eviction this week. Unknown to them Chizzy and Modella cannot be evicted from the Big Brother Naija House as they are riders. Big Brother included the pair in today's Diary Session however so as not to raise suspicion. 

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Chizzy was the first of the Nominated Housemates called into the Diary Room. After telling Bigge that he was in good spirits and that he was feeling good today, Chizzy proceeded to explain to Biggie how his week went. Chizzy told Biggie that he knows that he is not up for possible Eviction, so his week was made up of him boosting the morale of his fellow Nominated Housemates. When Biggie asked Chizzy what his highlights in the Big Brother Houses were, he pointed out to him that the fact that Level 2 kept winning the Weekly Wagers was thrilling. Big Brother then asked Chizzy who he think would be Evicted tonight to which he said he thought Daniella, Kess, and Pharmsavi could be possibly Evicted.

In her Eviction Diary Session, Daniella told Biggie that she was having a great week despite having to bid Khalid farewell. Big Brother then asked Daniella what she thought her chance of surviving tonight she was at 70 percent. When asked what her highlight of being in the Big Brother House was, Daniella said that she learned that she had the ability to push herself outside her comfort zone. She made an example of this week's Wager presentation and said that despite her low mood at the beginning of the week, she managed to push herself to do better. If she got evicted from the Level Up House, Daniella said that she would miss  Bryann, Biggie's voice, and the thrill the Tasks brought.

Kess was a ray of confidence today during his Eviction Diary session as he told Big Brother that he would not be leaving tonight. Big Brother asked him who of his Housemates he thought would be Evicted tonight and a hesitant Kess chose Chizzy. Kess said that he warmed up to Chizzy over time and would be sad to see him leave but if he were to guess, he reckoned that he is definitely up for Eviction next. When asked who of his Housemates he would miss if he were evicted, Chizzy told Biggie that he would miss Chizzy even though he truly doesn't think that he would be Evicted.


Amaka was called next into the Diary Room by Biggie and asked her how her Nomination week has been. "the game is getting crazier and crazier. I don't even know if I was at my best self, I was just chilled," explained Amaka. When Big Brother asked her about her highlight of the week, she pointed out the drama between herself, Rachel, and Giddyfia. She also admitted to being on good terms with Phyna. Big Brother asked her who she thinks is up for Eviction tonight and she said it's hard to tell since she was also not at her best. Biggie pressed her for a more specific answer, she said Daniella could be up next.


During his Diary Session, Pharmsavi explained to Biggie that his Nomination week has been an awesome week. He said he tried not to think too much about his possible Eviction which helped since he was able to take in his experience in the House. Pharmsavi told Big Brother that his highlight of the week was winning the Weekly Wager along with his Housemates. Pharmsavi told Big Brother that on a scale of one to 10, he feels like his chances of staying are at 9.8/10 He added that he is not ready to leave the Game as he feels like he still has a lot to share and experience. Pharmsavi was of the opinion that Chizzy will be the one evicted tonight.


Modella, who was also Nominated but won't be Evicted, told Biggie that she thoroughly enjoyed last night's party. She asked who she thinks will be Evicted, she reckoned Chizzy and Pharmsavi would be the next to leave the Game. Looking back at the time that she spent in the time, Modella said that the biggest discovery of herself was how emotional she got when she and her team lost the fashion show. "It made me feel a kind of way, I did not like it at all," explained Modella when she came to the realisation that she is a perfectionist.


Last but not least, Groovy was called into the Diary Room for his Eviction Diary Session. He explained to biggie that despite being Nominated, he had a good week, especially given his recent House swap. Big Brother asked Groovy who he thinks will be Evicted tonight and he said, "I don't want it to be me Big Brother, I think Chizzy. I mean he's a cool guy, but yeah, I think Chizzy." When asked who he would miss if he were Evicted, Groovy said, "If I am Evicted tonight, I will miss Phyna, she's my girl. It was hard on her when I moved. I will miss Daniella, she's my person, she my best friend and I hope it grows." He went on to include Sheggz in the list of people he would miss and everyone on Level 2. When relaying to Biggie about his Big Brother experience, Groovy admitted that he is still moved by the 'Beauty situation'. He explained that the incident with Beauty is still fresh for him as he was still talking about it to his fellow Housemates. 

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