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Day 55: The promises they made – BBNaija

17 September 2021
Did the BBNaija geng deliver their promises?
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Walking into the BB Naija House, the Shine Ya Eye geng came with a lot of promises about what they were bringing to spice things up. They each looked Ebuka in the eyes and said they were really all about what they said they were. 

After spending eight weeks and counting in the House, we examine what they each promised and what they have done so far. 

Queen promised she would never pick a fight with anyone and that she wouldn't put herself in a position where she would have to compete for affection, but what we saw was almost the exact opposite. First, she immediately confronted Maria over Pere and she spent her first few weeks fighting for Boma’s affection. Shortly after that, she got into an altercation with Whitemoney when she realized his heart belong to another.

We had high hopes for Emmanuel after he mentioned he wanted to form cliques and socialize with others, but he spent more time with Liquorose than anyone else. Although Pere did prove himself smart, but when it came to carrying people along... yikes... he kind of sucked at it. While he was Head of House, he almost witnessed a coup when Housemates revolted against his reorganization of the kitchen.

Despite Yousef's stated intention to socialize, he spent much of the Show on his own. However, he is finally getting around to it. Not as fast as we hoped though. 

Bout that Life
Angel said she was not going to let anyone run her street and she stayed true to that statement. She never backed down from or fight and wasn’t intimidated by anyone. Twice she went head to head with Boma when he tried to make disparaging and condescending statements about her.

Nini said she was looking forward to forming cliques and she did just that. Immediately, she formed a bond with Arin, Peace, and Saga. Eventually, she lost members of her clique and she’s only left with Saga. Saskay said she was bringing strategy and content and if having two men fall in love with her while she shuffled them at will was her strategy, then she brought her A-game. Additionally, she brought a lot of content to our screens with her two love interests.

Liquorose admitted that she knows how to be dramatic, and judging by how she pulled off her prank on Emmanuel, she does indeed know what she is doing. Cross said he would be himself and if we didn't know who he was, we certainly found out. Not only did he show himself, but he also introduced us to his alter ego, Cross Da Boss. Saga said he was a lover and the life of the party and true to his words, he sure was. Whitemoney called himself the spice and he planted his feet firmly in the kitchen becoming the spice and source of happiness to the entire with his mouth-watering meals.

Watch them make the promises here

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