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12 August 2021
In a bid to break the “kitchen monopoly”, Pere has selected a new Kitchen Cabinet to take over pertinent kitchen business.
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In what looks like a major power play, Pere has finally taken the reins of the kitchen from Whitemoney. According to him, there was no reason a single Housemate should have a monopoly on the kitchen, and it was only right that other Housemates take turns cooking. Besides, he thinks this will take the load off Whitemoney.

The build-up to the takeover

The kitchen takeover didn’t just appear out of the blue. Pere had been working hard at this alongside his Deputy, Maria. Both were seen trying to convince other Housemates on why it is about time that Whitemoney gave up his hold of the kitchen.

The first Task was convincing people on why this change was necessary and the next was to find a replacement. Pere earlier tried to convince Princess to take over, but he didn’t quite get the response he wanted.


Pere did say he wanted less monopoly of the kitchen, but during conversations with Maria, it was clear he suspected Whitemoney of monopolizing the kitchen as a strategy to endear himself to the Housemates and curry favour. He believed this was Whitemoney’s game plan to have the Housemates wrapped around his chef fingers and possibly extend his stay in the House.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t think the Housemates are smart enough to see this. Maria also shared his concerns, although her grudge with Whitemoney also stems from personal clashes.

Whitemoney wasn’t unaware of their motives either. He was quite certain Pere and Maria have it in for him, especially since the whole Wildcard debacle, where Whitmoney caught on to the two. He said as much in a conversation with JMK and Princess in the bedroom. “They knew I was onto them, but I decided not to say anything to the other Housemates, because I wanted us to all enjoy another week together,” Whitemoney said.

Watch the conversation here

The takeover

After awarding the Housemates their Abeg Naira winnings, Pere tabled his concerns about the kitchen monopoly to the rest of the Housemates. Although he said he was cutting Whitemoney some slack after running the kitchen for almost three weeks, he reiterated that kitchen monopoly gives power to one person at the expense of the others and suggested it was time to switch things up. Refusing to put the decision up to Vote, he asked that Angel, JMK, Jaypaul, Princess and Tega take over. Effectively, this is the new Cabinet that will be in charge of the kitchen. He said that things could return to the status quo after his tenure as HoH was over, but for the rest of the week, this is how things will be done.

Adjusting to the new normal

With new Housemates taking charge of cooking duties, there was a lot going on in the kitchen than usual. First, the traffic in the kitchen was a lot more, with most Housemates trying to assist the new Housemates in charge.

Whitemoney on his part seemed to be relaxing, even though he was still passing along helpful tips to help the Housemates get by in the kitchen.

What will be the outcome of this shakeup in the House? Will this widen the gap between Pere, Maria and Whitemoney? Will other Housemates be forced to choose sides? Will Whitemoney explore other avenues to showcase himself? There are quite a lot of questions. Shine Ya Eye BBNaija Fam, the answers will be revealed as the day goes by.

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