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Day 46: Cross, the Minister of fun times – BBNaija

08 September 2021
Ladies and gentlemen, here is the Housemate you want to invite to your party!
BBNaija Cross the minister of fun times

Cross, AKA Cross the Boss, the fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur has been in the #BBNaija House for the last six weeks and like most of you, the Housemate has grown on us through random electric loud moments on our screens.

Cross is the one Housemate who makes the most out of his Diary Sessions. He has reminded us of a few times that he wears his heart on his sleeve during one of his Sessions with Biggie or when he gently relates with one of the Shine Ya Eye ladies. Can you believe that Cross has done 35 minutes of one on one with Biggie simply venting and expressing his worries, joys, sorrows, and gratitude?! He is undoubtedly competing with Yousef, of course, for the longest time spent in the Diary Room this Season.

The Housemate believes that communication is key to any relationship, but it has been difficult to watch his communication attempts with Saskay who keeps bouncing in between him and Jaypaul.

We have also developed a shortlist of titles we associate with Cross:

  • The games instigator
  • Minister of fun
  • Master of order
  • Biggie’s baby brother
  • Ebuka’s twin (according to some fans) 👀
  • Lover of food 

Minister of fun

Cross has been the chief hype man and joy giver in the #BBNaija House since the day he walked in. Once you hear him screaming out “Ladies and Gentlemen!” then you know it’s about to pop off in the #BBNaija House. We can’t get over all the party scenes we have seen Cross busting dance moves, going shirtless and barefoot all in the name of groove. The man knows how to move his waist!

Whitemoney Angel BBNaija
Party over BBNaija
Emmanuel BBNaija
Peace BBNaija
Boma BBNaija
Tega Jaypaul BBNaija
Saskay BBNaija
Michael BBNaija
Pere BBNaija
Jackie B BBNaija
Liquorose BBNaija
Pere, Cross BBNaija
Boma and the Ladies BBNaija
Angel Cross BBNaija
Cross BBNaija
Nini and Saga BBNaija
Yousef BBNaija
Saga BBNaija
Whitemoney Angel BBNaija

The Minister of Fun is not fond of food wastage and thieves. He has called out his fellow Housemates a few times for throwing away food, being stingy and stealing his Abeg Naira which is tirelessly searched for until he decided to earn more through winning games in the House. he has also complained a few times about his stolen chicken and missing out on the delicacies from the Executive Lounge. You also don’t want to argue with the Minister of Fun because he surely knows how to stand his ground. The other day his neck veins were on the brink of bursting over an argument with Pere about the country with the most iPhones.

Cross the ladies’ man

The fellow who describes himself as “a bad boy with a good heart” has shown us both these sides and we must say, ladies love Cross! We have seen a side of him that would perfectly fit in Drakes latest music album – “Certified Loverboy” with the way the ladies are just so comfortable around him. Princess had been quietly crushing on him until she revealed her feelings on her way out of the House. Crosskay was a Ship we got excited about but quickly grew weary because of Saskay's back and forth between Cross and Jaypaul.

Cross instigated games

Truth or Dare

When Cross is not asking one of the Housemates spicy questions, he is suggesting they play a spicy game. These games usually come at a time when the Housemates are feeling particularly sad or when the vibe in the House is just dry. Cross knows how to get the House talking, moving, and laughing with his partner in crime, Angel’s help. Thanks to Cross we have seen shared kisses, strip teases and more activities that make us blush a little from where we are watching!

The Whispering Game

Cross launched the notorious Whispering game that landed most of the Housemates in hot water with Biggie and even got a strike for it! Lately, he has been getting involved in games that don’t infringe on Biggie’s rules such as the guessing game or the lovely therapy session they hosted last week. 

We still have Cross entertaining us for the next two weeks until his fate is decided after the upcoming Nominations next week. What else does the Housemate have up his sleeve? 

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