Day 24: Whispering game faces stringent measure from Biggie – BBNaija

17 August 2021
Big Brother is not here to play this season.
Day 24: Whispering Game faces stringent measure from Biggie – BBNaija

During today’s Diary session, Big Brother had a chat with Pere about the whisper game that ended up in a heated disagreement between him and Whitemoney. 

Biggie listened as Pere relayed the series of events that led to the big fight with Whitemoney. In his explanation he pointed out was based on unclear rumours he'd heard from Housemates that were playing the whsispering game. In trying to find out what exactly was said, Pere came and confronted Whitmeoney over the issue at hand. In the middle of his explanation, Biggie reminded him of his reign as Head of House and how he was instructed to inform Housemates to desist from whispering. The Housemates had disobeyed House rules by playing this game. Biggie informed him that their misconduct during the game will face stringent measures that will be announced soon.


Cross, the game-maker, tried to explain his stance on the game, by insisting that the whispering wasn't done deliberately and since it was a game he pleaded with Biggie to reconsider punishing the Housemates, but Biggie reminded him of the House Rules and their take on whispering. Although he admitted to being the one who came up with the game for the sake of diversity in their entertainment, Biggie did not intend to be as forgiving. Reminding Cross of the various options his creative role could have taken to ensure the Housemates played within the rules.

Whatever these stringent measures turn out to be, we hope the Housemates are geared up for whatever comes their way. We know how Biggie is full of surprises.

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