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Day 31: Biggie doles out the punishment – BBNaija

24 August 2021
Biggie takes stringent measures on the whispering game and gives Housemates a stern chastisement.

In the early hours of the morning Biggie kept his word and gave the Housemates their punishment.  

Well, it is a simple Art exercise but no punishment comes without a cost.

The Housemates have been provided popsicle sticks, paint brushes and paint. All that is expected of the Housemates is to paint the popsicle sticks using the provided paint brushes only. Each popsicle stick will be treated as a masterpiece and Housemates are not allowed to paint more than one at a time. 

They are not allowed to paint with their fingers, or any other tools and definitely no dipping the sticks in the paint buckets. Each popsicle stick must have at least two different colours. All painted sticks will be kept in the garden to dry. Once dry, they will be packed and arranged properly. 

No sleeping is allowed until all sticks are painted.  

The Housemates are in for a very long day with this punishment and to get through it they have resolved to singing through their work to keep their spirits up. Hopefully the House will not be playing the whispering game anytime soon given the circumstances of their punishment.

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