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Day 27: The Housemates struggle through their Diary Sessions – BBNaija

20 August 2021
It's Day 27, and the Housemates have spent it talking to Big Brother, and preparing for tonight's Task.
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The Housemates seem decidedly more sombre today, as they talk to Big Brother during their Diary Sessions. A lot of this is simply run-of-the-mill malaise – people are tired, there’s a migraine on the rise and at least one person was feeling nauseous. Nevertheless, they struggled through the session and spoke to Big Brother about the Abeg Task for the day: developing a campaign to promote awareness of mental health.

This might've been the other reason for their sombre moods – the subject matter is heady and some of the Housemates have experienced mental health issues first-hand. The Shine Ya Eye House contains survivors of assault, abuse and warfare, so it’s not surprising that we should find some Housemates who have struggled with mental health in the past. Even those who haven’t experienced it themselves, all know somebody who has. Maria was visibly upset when she recounted the story of her brother’s diagnosis of schizophrenia.

The sessions weren't all too serious, though, Biggie also asked the Housemates about their winnings, so far. Some of the Housemates have done very well for themselves; Michael has already earned more than N1.5 million, which is very good for someone who joined the Hosue two weeks after most of the rest of them.  When asked what she intended to do with her winnings, Saskay answered, “I’m gonna spend it.”  She’s a fount of information, that one.

In other news, Peace is looking for her wig, Pere is upset that a bathroom door was locked, almost EVERYBODY wants the aircon adjusted.  Life in the Big Brother House goes on.

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