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Live Show 4 - 8 Aug: Ebuka shakes things up – BBNaija

15 August 2021
With Arin and Princess the two most-recently Evicted Housemates, we thought we'd take a moment to look at their time in the House, and to hear their last words before they heard they were leaving.
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Tonight's Live Eviction Show made it official – Arin and Princess are no longer Big Brother Housemates! In a tense show, Ebuka addressed a number of the Housemates on a diverse range of topics, but the reason we all tuned in was to see who would be Evicted from the crop of six Housemates.

Arin was the first to go, and – after the show – her departure left Nini in tears.  Luckily for Nini, Saga was there to comfort her – no kidding?  Of course he was. But this article is not about that particular ship (whatever type of ship it may be), but about the exit of tonight's evicted Housemates.  Here's a brief look at Arin's three weeks in the Big Brother House:

Speaking in her earlier Diary Session, Arin told Biggie that she would be going straight home to see her dogs and her sister – literally, in that order: her dogs, then her sister.  After that, she intends to get back to work and pick up where she left off. She hoped that Saga, Nini, Peace and Angel would be her friends for a very long time. Her parting words to Big Brother were, "I'm just so grateful! I can't believe it, still."

Then it was Princess' turn to leave the House, and she wasted no time doing it. When her name was announced, she just... left. No emotional goodbyes, no drawn out hugs... not even Biggie counting her down.  Just a quick exit, leaving herself just enough time to tell Cross that she liked him. Fat use that bit of information serves him, now. What's he supposed to do with that, now that she's gone?

Princess told Biggie that her happiest moments were the times she won money because of the Guiness Task, but also the Eva Soap Task of the prvious day. Tearing up, she said that appearing on Big Brother Naija was a dream come true. "I just want to say a very big 'thank you' to Big Brother for this great platform." She also gave special thanks to Guiness for her winnings of N500 000. So would we, in her position.

Going into a brand-new week, some of the Housemates have a lot to think about. Jackie B, in particular, needs to figure out Ebuka's "Peace" comment relating to the Michael situation, which she hasn't yet, despite asking about it in the garden following the Live Eviction Show. Will she figure it out?

That's it - the House is down two Housemates. We have plenty of time to see what the rest will get up to.  Right now, we'll just say this, to Princess and Arin: goodbye, and thanks for the memories.

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