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Day 20: Peria wahala everywhere – BBNaija

13 August 2021
Whose patience will run out first?

Tensions are flaring, and Pere is stepping on many toes in the process. 

Can you smell the tension brewing?

While reading the weekly Friday Task brief, Pere advised the present Housemates that he did not intend to read it again for those that had not answered his call to gather in the lounge.  

This was met with resounding objections from the Housemates which then evolved into more frustration and confusion over the reading and interpretation of the brief. Pere left to confirm – with Biggie – some of the instructions that sounded ambiguous and returned with the glowing satisfaction of, “I told you so,” and relayed his message to the present Housemates that there will be two teams of male and female debaters. 

With fewer Housemates present than before, Pere did not hesitate to inform those in attendance that he had no intentions of repeating the instructions. However, upon realizing that his right-hand woman – Maria – was not present at the briefing, he couldn’t help by calling for her first and then proceeding to make an exception for her.  

Although other Housemates did not comment on Pere’s stance, it is clear that tensions will keep rising given that his leadership style is informed by his military background. 

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