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Day 19: Talents on display – BBNaija

12 August 2021
It's a chill afternoon, and the BBNaija Housemates thought it was a good idea to put their talents on display.
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It was a show of talents last night at the Guinness “Let Your Black Shine Through” and this display had some of the BBNaija Housemates discussing their creative sides and even going further to put on a show. 

Pursuing passion

Micheal, who was part of the winning team, talked about growing up and following his musical passion despite growing up in different countries. For him, he believes your passion should be your core focus and school can be you fall back plan. “School will always be there,” he added. Sammie also talked about how his love for movies and the lapses in the Nigerian movie industry pushed him to pursue that dream. Whitemoney also mentioned having several unreleased albums as he discussed his musical passion.


Showcasing Talent

Clearly, the Housemates aren’t just all talk. They are really about the talents they claim to have. To spice up the afternoon, Whitemoney, Kayvee, Queen, Boma and Sammie decided to put on a captivating drama performance in the garden.

Whitemoney who recently got relieved of kitchen duties showed there was more to him than just cooking as he delivered a stellar performance. He played Boma’s stern dad who disapproved of his relationship with Queen and some of his other life choices. He must have been pretty upset or a really amazing actor because those are the only explanations for what happens below.

It’s nice to see Whitemoney try his hands at other things apart from cooking. We just didn’t think it would be Boma’s neck. It’s also great watching the Housemates beam with pride as they talk about their passions. Hopefully, they stay long enough in the House to show us more of what they got.

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