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Men will embarrass you! – Baby Drama

24 May 2021
We look at how the men on Baby Drama serve embarrassment as if it were market-bought.
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We’re only five episodes in but the amount of drama served is enough to stretch us for a few seasons, sha! With Iye as an exception, all the ladies seem to be having rock-hard times pleasing their overly egotistic partners and to our dismay, the men aren’t even trying to meet their damsels halfway. Here’s how the lads are serving embarrassment like newly sealed puff puff packs.

1. Oscar the G.O.A.T

We literally froze in shock when Oscar stomped out of his house and joined his mistress after finding Esosa in the company of a prophet and a live hen. Mind you, Esosa did all that to increase their chances of finally conceiving.  To place an over-ripe cherry on top of the ill-baked cake, Oscar went on to deliberately ignore his wife when she tried to initiate some ‘us time”. To add salt to injury, Miss Hollywood star wannabe mistress Amara, is pregnant. 😶 Abeg, make you tell us what could be more embarrassing than this?

2. Chief shameless

Unlike secretive and stone-cold Oscar, Chief isn’t afraid to dish the embarrassment on a designer silver platter that he can clearly afford. Assin, how does a man that’s married for well over two decades usher his mistress and her teenage daughter into his marital home, without so much as a blink? Like eh, when the mother-daughter pair walked in, he simply whispered “good to see you” to his wife and went about his business. Shameful sha, shameful! Also, notice how terrible he was towards Natasha when she was unable to take his daughter to the clinic after she complained of a stomach bug? Ehe! Mans literally scolded his wife as if she were a child and blurted out that he didn’t expect any better from a barren woman. Left her in tears o! E shock!

3. Playboy Ade

Don’t get us started on Ade, sha! 🙄 Okay fine! Since we’ve started, we’ll continue. Ade came onto Oni and asked her outright after Amara’s disastrous shoot, and homegirl accepted the invite because she obviously likes the guy, d’you get? Then boom, Oni wakes up half-naked to Ade’s awkward stares the next morning. She had to rush off to an impromptu shoot, so no convo addressing the situation. But when the two bumped into each other at the studio later, Ade didn’t even look Oni’s direction twice, and when she made mention of their ‘fun’ from the previous night, he swooshed by silently and threw an awkward “Yeah…”. Ouch!

...And just when Oni was trying to take the shame in a few mouthfuls, she overheard Ade telling another one of his targets back in the studio that she was in fact obsessed with him and wouldn’t stop texting; this while in an intimate embrace. Biko, just a night after their little encounter! E shock us pass! 🤭

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