Africa Magic is your plug, sha!

11 June 2021
... and this is how.
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See eh, whether you’re rocking it up in Kaduna, husting in Lagos or trying to ‘not carry last’ in Warri, Africa Magic is your plug in and out. How you may ask? Well, we’ve come up with a few Naija-styled situations that characters from our show pool will get you out of. In fact, this is how our people can save your people.  

1. You are walking through a market alley and a keke driver sends you flying through aunty Emeka’s fruit stash.

Ewooo! We see your broken leg, sha! But how do you remedy mama Emeka’s now pureed tomatoes and squashed bananas with the 200 Naira in your purse, eh? Also, now that passersby have caught the careless keke driver, how do you make them pay? No vex o, because Eve’s Ezinne will use just enough jargon to get mama Emeka to pardon you, and as for mister careless keke driver, Judging Matters’ Justice Williams and Ebuka will bring him to book and probably afford you a week of that your job. If this no be top-notch solution, we don’t know what is. 🤷🏾‍♀️

2. You’ve just completed your NYSC services and just want to unwind, but your parents have other plans for you.

This one is tough, biko! 😢 Anyway, we do not recommend dishonoring your Nigerian parents. Especially if your mom’s right hand still flips at 200km/hr, but we can tell you this; no one escapes the rod and gets away with doing nothing like My Siblings and I’s James and Samson do. This duo will give a few good pointers and have you chopping Chinchin and chilling without stress. Remember how James had mama Abegruagba thinking he was lending a hand at Stanley’s salon while he spent days lazing around with Samson? Ehe! Correct guy.

3. After almost getting away with #2, your dad kicks you out and you squat at your friends’, whose apartment is paid for by their dad. 

Somebody say ‘easy peasy lemony squeezy’! 🥳 First of all, your friend needs to have a conversation with My Flatmates’ Frank about how he manages to convince his dad that he lives on his own without raising much suspicion. As for you, the whole My Flatmates squad (Obus, Donatos, Dan and Wilber) will give you classic lessons on “how to squat in peace, not pieces”. Got it? Good!

4. Your friend’s boo is cheating with the girl you work with, and you have no idea how to keep it under wraps.  

If the ‘drink water and mind your own business' philosophy doesn’t work for you, we suggest a connect with Baby Drama’s Oni. Assin, homegirl has seen Amara and Oscar in warm embraces more than she can count with her hands and feet, so spilling a few tips on how to manage to gbas gbos without getting your hands dirty should be as easy-as-pie for baby girl.

5. You’re an Edo state babe that finds a large shiny stone in your backyard and have no idea where it comes from because your compound is access controlled.

Hollop, hollop! 🚨 Now you know what they say about witches, so don’t chance it, biko! In fact, we have Riona’s Agbeyegbe on medieval speed dial, so call him up and have him tell you what happened to Edomi in his dream and what became of the Ireale foot soldier when he so much as went close to the sacred stone. Leave it alone o!

6. You used to be a good girl but your experiences in this Benin hardened up, but no one gets it.

Make you talk to Enakhe and Jacinta, sha. They’ll tell you what to do. Assin, just as it happened with the two powerhouses from the soon to be linked Iwinosa and Osagie clans after realising that their family weren’t exactly on the straight and narrow. It’s 'adjust, or be forced to adjust', so these two will teach you how to have your way. You’re welcome!  

7. Your mom doesn’t give you chores anymore because you insist on singing when doing them.

We don’t wanna burst your bubble, but you can’t sing! In fact, Nigerian Idol’s DJ Sose can tell you plainly and make you join the Comedy Nites wooden mic, or do you prefer The Voice Nigeria’s Falz? He’ll be a real bad guy with this feedback abi! If your own mama prefers to wash her own dishes than hear you sing, what is Old Mutual Amazing Voices’ Evelle gon’ do, eh? No vex o!

We can go on and on about how we can get you out of a mess, but we’re certain you get it now. So go ahead and watch all your Africa Magic favs on your screen, but if you’re always on the go, the DStv App is your friend. Click HERE to sign up and get watching.