Slicker than the average

02 August 2018
Lota Chukwu has managed to bag the amount of industry recognition that her peers only dream of.
Lota Chukwu

It doesn’t take a philosopher to decipher the code by which citizens of cut-throat tinsel town live. Considering the ratio of roles to hopefuls mining for them, the entertainment industry point blank breaks the fragile and most certainly isn’t for the faint hearted. Having said that, Lota Chukwu wore her art on her sleeves and to say it’s paying off would be a complete understatement.

Yogi, fitness enthusiast, kitchen guru, actress, creative, writer… Excuse the excitement, we just had to let the list of accolades speak for themselves. At just 29, Lota has managed to effectively penetrate the thick walls of the industry and thanks to her perfectly on par performance on ‘big break’ project, Jenifa’s diary, the skies opened up and directed her to greater spheres.

With productions such as ‘The royal hibiscus hotel’, ‘Falling’, ‘Fine girl’ and ‘The arbitration’ securely under her belt, the Enugu state born beauty is well on way to international recognition.

Now holding down the sultry and mysterious Oofuni on our latest and hottest telenovela serving, Ajoche, Lota displays a mix of heightened passion and makes turning the ‘humanity’ switch look easier than vamps ever could. Between crafting edible magic on her very own cooking show and orchestrating mass deaths in Ocholuje, Lota takes care of her 4 fully grown canines and serves us much more than we can hold down on social media. See why we love her?!

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