Catching up with Dénola Grey – Jara

28 December 2020
Denola Grey is what #ManCrushMondays are made of – and that’s why we’re crushing.
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Style connoisseur, coach to the land’s mannequins, fabric scientist and and and... any more adjectives to use on Denola Grey the great, abi? Denola finally cleared his schedule and squeezed us in for a Haute gist. Read on, chile!

How it all started

Born Adenola Adepetun, one of three sons and a Bayler University alumnus, Denola started his career in fashion at the tender age of 18, and in 2008, got his first break as a CMC intern. As his career gained momentum and his knowledge of the visual industry sharpened, Denola gave the screens a go with a turn as a magazine show host. He later starred alongside legendary RMD and runway supreme Eku Edewor on Castle & Castle. Denola has contributed to BellaNaija the blog and is also an LFDW ambassador. Oya, someone call the ‘excessively impressive resume’ police, we beg!

Besides being able to spot a fashion disaster from a mile away and getting away with using multiple patterns with a hint of pastel, Denola also manages his own website and covers anything from music, scenery and of course, fashion. Though he hasn’t written for a while, Denola’s IG is definitely a fashion wonderland and continues to serve couture content all day, every day.

Someone wise (DM us if you know them, biko!) once said “it isn’t what you wear, but how you wear it” and Denola wears this statement as a crown. He has taken it upon himself to be an apostle of fashion and continues to preach expression (moderately and not sore to the eye, of course). Our generation is definitely lucky to be able to witness a talent such as this in action. In our lifetime Kudos, sah! To fashion and beyond! (Or whatever Buzz Lightyear said at Space Fashion Week).

Cover image: Dénola's IG

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