5 Reasons Why We're Crushing...

24 July 2018
...on AMVCA 2018 Best Comedy Actors.

We know we missed Monday but we're allowed to to crush on these stars any day, everyday. Find out why!

1. They all starred in the best movies we've seen in recent times and are not new to this acting life. Yes, they have all starred in some of the best movies of all time. 

Blossom Chukwujekwu The Big Fat Lie
IK Ogbonna Excess Luggage
Jimmy Odukoya Guyman
Kalu Ikeagwu Dr Mekam
OC Ukeje Potato Potahto
Odunlade Adekola A Million Baby

2. They are part of the oh so trendy beard gang. Yep, that community that promotes facial hair. From mustaches to full-on beard our crop of actors look absolutely hot in that trend.

3. They are simply gorgeous. I mean, who would disagree with that? Last we checked, they were taken though :-(

4. They killed their roles. They are not just talented but they OWN any role they take on and for the roles they were nominated for, they outdid themselves.

5. Everybody loves funny guys and these dudes aren't just funny, but fun too. 

Do you also fancy our Best Comedy actors? Then you better do the right thing and VOTE HERE. If you haven't received your OTP, don't sweat. We've got you covered, right here.

With such great talent in this category, it's really tough to decide on a favourite but hey, the decision lies sole;ly with you on this one and we can't wait to see who with snatch it.

To vote for your favourite nominees in the various categories, click here. Join the conversation on social media using #AMVCA2018. Winners will be announced at a glitzy event on September 01, 2018.

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