Bisola, a true trailblazer

24 October 2018
... an artiste and an advocate of change

We’re all for shouting kudos and raising our fists as a sign of respect and reverence for excellence and Bisola is the epitome of the notion, no doubt. The songstress, master ‘accentologist’, actress and activist recognized the platforms of change before her and with grace and poise, stepped up and put on an audience worthy show.

After having fought tooth and nail to bag gold in the 2008 edition of MTN project fame, Bisola took fifth position and did with it what copy machines do with paper, multiply. She went on to host Silverbird TV’s Billboard Nigeria and starred in different film formats that echoed the versatility of her craft. However, it wasn’t till 2017 that African viewers felt the full Bisola effect.

The much-anticipated return of Big Brother Nigeria plated her to us untainted, unfiltered and ‘uncontoured’; and despite not having won the ultimate price, she walked away an advocate of change thanks to her heartfelt presentation during the ONE organization Task. This advocacy has not only allowed her to rub shoulders with people occupying pedestals of influence, it has also brought to light the issues that girl children face on the daily.

Truths about the cut-throat industry and its volatility aren’t tales at all. Besides the barriers and steep drops that make the entertainment scene quite inaccessible, the masses are a bunch almost impossible to please and Bisola can certainly attest to these bitter truths. However, her persistence and originality continue to land her recognition and applauds; a well deserved trail blazer’s accolade. Kudos!

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