Little Dynamite

10 September 2018
Mariam Kayode made history by being the youngest to ever be nominated for an AMVCA.
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What a time to be alive is a notion that has become a proverbial expression in the Africa arts industry and thanks to overwhelming growth in storytelling, the center stage now belongs to the young. Mariam Kayode’s incredible artistic aura has seen her single handedly rewriting history and in so doing, opened a portal of endless possibilities for her peers all over Africa.

Having featured in long format films such as ‘Darklight’ and ‘Happiness ltd’, Mariam’s ultimate breakthrough performance was on Imoh Umoren’s ‘Children of the mud’, where she flawlessly captured Emen, a young girl who was left to fend for herself and her blind brother after being kicked out of their aunt’s house. Her textured and heartwarming performance sent waves within the industry, earning her a prestigious AMVCA Nomination alongside industry veterans, Omotola Jalade and Liz Benson.

Despite not having won the ward, the young dynamite’s stellar performance left a permanent mark in the hearts of those who fully absorbed her art and for decades to come, she’ll remain a reference of ageless determination and whit.

“Still basking in the euphoria of her recognition”, Mariam has positioned herself firmly on her new pedestal and hopes to use her platforms to influence change and speak in favour of the children of the mud; those that unlike her, have to battle shadows and giants to get a decent education. This is a course worth fighting tooth and nail for, so kudos to Mariam for being an advocate of change.  

Cover image: Mariam's instagram 

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