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Which Elenini character do you most identify with?

Uzor 19%
Bisola 59%

TV Guide

7 Pillars: Opo Meje

A strong all women cult tasked themselves to give up their sons. Trouble looms when a member didn't keep to her promise. How will it end?

Ago Meji

The fountain of the wealth of a father comes under the spotlight after years with his only daughter. Now all grown up, he faces the biggest challenge of keeping her close to him.

Iseju Marun

A coming of age bachelor 's marital status raise questions. He must race against time to fulfill a ridiculous, yet difficult task -a price for a past undoing to free himself.

Lori Ere

Bad intentions trail this crime drama about a young man who goes on a killing spree to get his pound of flesh on everyone involved in his sister's rape.


An always on the field actor sees his marriage put to the test when his wife takes a distressed step out of doubt. Find out how the drama unfolds.


'S1/E256 of 260'. EFCC investigator uncovers an old BBP mystery. Bhadmus's enemies Hadiza and Bassey find common ground. Emeka is given much needed advice. Mayowa's whereabouts is revealed.


'S1/E36 of 120'. Uzor gets unexpected visitors, Tunde comes face to face with his kidnappers and Folarin finally meets Adedollar.


'S1/E12 of 260'. A governorship aspirant's noble mission is tainted by the ambitions of an exclusive men's club and her personal life. It's a well-known house of cards.


What becomes of a woman who seeks all spiritual means while desperately looking for the fruit of marriage? Find out in this intriguing movie.


Sola's refusal to drop her unruly behavior despite several counsel from her parents leaves them with no choice rather than to teach her an unforgettable lesson.


The government must fish out the mole in their team who is making the capturing of a kingpin responsible for the killing of the youths difficult to achieve.

Olufe: Beloved

Confusion is the order of the day as twin sisters find themselves in love with the same man after the younger jilts him for the elder to care for. Find out how this plays out.


'S1/E36 of 51'. Follow the blend of tragedy and a bit of comedy as the fight for senatorial seat arises between flag bearers of two political parties and other interesting stories all together.


'S1/E36 of 60'. An intriguing drama that follows the journey of a young, spirited girl who is an entrepreneur while joggling with her academics.

Alejo Oganjo

A suspense filled movie on the repercussion of greed. Alejo Oganjo tells the story of why people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Ero Okan

A beautiful bond between Folawe and Teniola , two young lovers who swore never to separate takes a turn when an unpleasant encounter threatens their relationship.

Omo Onibudo

A young lady finds her way in the home of three brothers. Soon, the brothers plot how to take advantage of her but there's something about this lady.


The mysterious affliction of a young kindhearted man force his mother on a quest to find solution. Who could be behind the misfortune of this family?

Omo Onidan

A family is confronted with a life and death situation after a clash. In the cause of finding solution, they learn that there's more to what they already know.


A young swindler takes a step that hits bad out of desperation to prove his peers wrong.


A documentary exploring the history of the city of Iwo.