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Post Level Up Reunion reflections – BBNaija

07 July 2023
After gathering for one last time, the BBNaija Level Up Housemates bow out after airing their views; some left with clarity, while others could not find a resolution.
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In Big Brother Naija history, Reunions are a time to address unfinished business that possibly occurred in the House and after the show ended. This Level-Up Season was no different, as we witnessed several ship crashes, friendship feuds, and even drama from a group trip to Cape Town, South Africa.

Who knew a swell time in a new city could lead to chaos? Ask Adekunle, Chichi, Deji, Chomzy, and Eloswag, who had to answer questions during heated arguments at the Reunion. After shaking several tables, Ebuka asked the Housemates if the Reunion was worth it; here's what they had to say:

Always worth it

"I am happy to be with everyone and see them again. The Reunion is always worth it because the House doesn't leave you with enough clarity and closure. Unfortunately, not everyone will end up being peaceful, but at least some resolutions will be met." – Daniella

Bad intentions revealed

"It was actually worth it; at least now I know a particular person has bad intentions towards me but smiles at me." – Chomzy

An opportunity to speak freely

"I am happy that I got to sit again with some people that we have not seen each other for a bit, and the said person is not someone I would have spoken to on a normal day, so I am happy I was able to speak my piece." – Doyin

Clearing the air

"It's worth everything; there are so many false narratives about me out there, and I wanted to clear them." – Chichi

Settle differences

" We got to air our minds and settle some differences ." – Pharmsavi

Packed with juicy gist

"It was a great journey for me; this Reunion was an opportunity to hear some juicy gist. Everybody was able to express themselves for the last time, and I also loved seeing everyone; the glow-up is real." – Diana

After all the drama, resolutions, and jaw-dropping revelations, BB Naija geng, do you think the Housemates got to settle their differences once and for all?