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A group of people talking and laughing
A group of people smiling
Level Up Reunion Fashion: Choose your fave theme! – BBNaijaBiggie said slay, and the BBNaija Housemates came dressed to the nines.
How you voted
Level Up Votes – BBNaijaBig Brother Naija Level Up Season 7 had eight rounds of Voting. Here’s how Nominated Housemates fared during each round.
Big Brother Naija Host, Ebuka
Ebuka's Level Up fashion looks – BBNaijaThe one thing the Level Up season Host Ebuka will do is turn the Live Show stage into his runway. Here's a deep dive into the looks he served.
Level Up Housemates
The Level Up Season that was – BBNaijaBiggie's Housemates understood the assignment when they were introduced to the House, giving us endless moments that created one of the best seasons yet.
Zooming in on how Phyna did it! – BBNaija Entering the House through the Level 2 doors, Phyna’s attitude and approach to life in Biggie’s House set her up for success.
Phyna wins
Finale – 2 Oct: Phyna wins Big Brother Naija Level Up! - BBNaijaThe hype princess threw herself to the floor in disbelief when Host Ebuka announced her ultimate victory in a star studded Live Grand Finale.
Top 6
Finale – 2 Oct: Biggie's emotional last words to the Level Up Top 6 - BBNaijaThere was no dry eye in the Level Up House as Big Brother shared final words of wisdom and encouragement to the Final 6.
Final Diary Session
Day 71: A final Diary Session for the Top Six – BBNaijaThe Top Six shared how they rate their chances of winning the Game and what they learned from their experience.
Finale Live Show
Day 71: Watch the Finale to see who wins – BBNaijaThe Finale is upon us already and we’ve curated a list of options for how can watch the extravaganza.
Final Party
Day 71: A split but lit Saturday Night Party – BBNaijaLevel Up Housemates were all present at the party, separated by stanchion ropes, but a lit party as always.
Garden gist
Day 70: Reminiscing on experiences with Evicted Housemates – BBNaijaDiana and Rachel were part of a Garden gist between the Housemates who shared their experiences with each of the ladies.
Day 70: A focus on the Riders – BBNaijaThe Level Up season came with special moments thanks to Biggie’s Riders Chizzy and Rachel.
Daniella, Bryann, and Phyna
Day 70: Week 10 in the Level Up House – BBNaija The Level Up season is ending on a note of great wins for Rider Chizzy and conflict resolution between Bella, Phyna and Chichi.
Chichi and Phyna talking
Day 70: Phyna reflects on her clash with Rachel – BBNaijaRider Rachel's Eviction took Phyna down memory lane as she reflected on their fight in a chat with Chichi.
Bella and Chichi in the garden
Day 70: Bella and Chichi try to resolve their issues – BBNaijaEbuka's table-shaking question at dinner in the Level 3 House caused a stir between Bella and Chichi, and the pair decided to settle their differences.
Rider Eviction
Day 70: The Rider Evictions send Housemates spiralling - BBNaija The never-ending speculations about what Big Brother's latest twist might mean led to many theories among the Level Up Housemates as paranoia set in.
Ebuka dinner
Day 69: Ebuka shakes tables at dinner - BBNaija Some truth was served with a dash of spice during the dinner that Ebuka had with the Housemates.
Day 69: A dirty Kitchen, a dirty fight – BBNaijaDaniella's complaint about a dirty House led to one fight after the next over dishes that had created a mountain in the sink.
Daniella in the Bedroom
Day 69: Daniella's "love" triangle – BBNaijaEarly this morning, Bryann told Daniella he loved her and she reciprocated. Adekunle tried but she did not believe him.
Chichi and Phyna talking
Day 69: Chichi laments to Phyna – BBNaijaFollowing Phyna's argument with Rider Rachel, Chichi laments to Phyna about Bella and Rachel's feud with her.
Rider Chizzy wins a car
Day 68: Rider Chizzy wins a brand new ride – BBNaijaCourtesy of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM), reigning Head of House and Rider Chizzy rides away in a state-of-the-art 5 seater IVM Connect.
Camera Lens
Day 68: The times Biggie left us shook – BBNaijaEvery Season of Big Brother Naija is filled with jaw-dropping Twists, and the Level Up Season is no different. Here's a look at how Biggie shook the Housemates and the no sleep geng.
Day 68: Biggie dey spoil the Housemates this week – BBNaijaThe schedule for the last days of the season is epic!
Post Level Up Reunion reflections – BBNaija
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