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Day 13: Level 1 wins their Weekly Wager – BBNaija

05 August 2022
For the Presentation of the sport.
Level 1 Wins

In the spirit of all the great sportsmen such as Mike Edwards and Sheggz, Big Brother started off the Weekly Wager Presentation with a note to the Housemates about sportsmanship. He welcomed both Level 1 and 2 to the Arena and engaged them in a heads-or-tails game to determine which Level will start presenting and Level 1 got to start.

Adekunle introduced the Level 1 game and explained the rules. He stated that the game is called 'bum ball' and that Housemates are to pass the ball to one another using their bum. Hermes joined Adekunle as the second commentator for the game which made for an interesting session.

When Level 1's game ended, the cheerleaders from Level 2 took to the field to cheer their fellow Housemates on before their game started. Cyph explained the rules of the game and its mechanics where he said Level 2 Housemates would be divided into two teams. 

The game, which was of both teams in Level 2 trying to hit as many of their opponents as possible with water balloons, quickly boiled down to just Groovy and Khalid going head to head. When it ended, all the Level 2 Housemates cheered each other on before taking their seats.

After both Level 1 and 2's games were over, Big Brother invited anyone from Level 1 to give an analysis of Level 2's game. Sheggz took the opportunity to let the Level 2 Housemates know that their sport was not competitive. 

Soon after Sheggz finished giving his analysis, Big Brother invited Level 2 to give their analysis of Level 1's game. Beauty took to the floor and said that she felt Level 1's game was unclear. She said that she was confused about the rules of the game and that it was boring overall.

Big Brother then asked Amaka, Beauty, Cyph, Daniella and Khalid to stand up. He gave them a talking to about their continued microphone infringements, gossiping as well as not participating in the morning exercises. He said that they should take all of Big Brother's rules seriously or face the consequences.

After he concluded with 'house cleaning', Big Brother announced that Level 1 Housemates won the Wager. He told the winning Housemates that they each get 1500 Pocket Naira to spend on next week's shopping. Disappointment was visible on the faces of the Level 2 Housemates as they suffered yet another loss this week.

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