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Why Shi Mumbi makes us roll on the floor! – Zambezi Magic

17 November 2021
Bana Mumbi and Belinda keep dishing us premium content every week and we can’t get over it!
Shi  Mumbi and Girls

Shi Mumbi is now in its third season and there is no doubt that we all want this comedy show to continue bringing us all the lighthearted jokes and laughter we deserve, at the end of a long busy week.  

If you are a loyal follower of Zambezi Magic entertainment, you know that Thursdays and Fridays are the days where we let loose, throw our legs on the couch and indulge in a good episode of Shi Mumbi, Landlady Meets Landlord or Security Guard. We promise, laughter is guaranteed! 

Right now, we want to offload a few hilarious reasons why you should never miss an episode of Shi Mumbi. 

Why we love Rex and crew 

Firstly, we cannot get over how both of Rex’s relationships gives out vibes of disaster and chaos, but we are not yet ready to see him letting go of any of his women. Belinda the girlfriend has Shi Mumbi in the palm of her hand, and he is sometimes clueless on how to behave around her because of how much he thinks he loves her. Who are we to judge? A man that can love a woman through layers of makeup (Rosemary’s rainbow makeup specifically?) is guaranteed to be a real one, but will he not run off once she cleans it all up? We will see if that episode ever comes along! 

Bana Mumbi! This wife’s loyalty is unwavering even though she knows that her husband is being entertained by another woman. A woman that decided to rename her husband “Rihanna”. We wish she knew what her husband really experiences with his side piece. Fam, Rex goes through a lot with his girlfriend – and we wonder what’s keeping him glued to her instead of him running back to his wife?  

We would like to give a special mention to the quotes and statements we have picked up from the show. Not a single episode goes by without Rex, Belinda or Bana Mumbi dropping one or two “wise” words of wisdom. 

Check them out:  

“This is a free world, if you want you can also sleep out but not in a night club. You can sleep in a funeral house.” – Rex   

“On a lighter note, there’s a song which says return me to the bar. So should I return her to the bar?” –  Rex 

“Right now, you should go back in the world.” – Belinda  

“You know a person from the back. I just want to know them better.” – Rex  

These statements are loaded, but we are not certain when they will ever come in handy in real life without getting anyone into trouble.  

With the season still offloading potent comedy, we can’t wait to watch where the story line takes the hilarious and complicated lives of the Shi Mumbi’s and Belinda.  

Don’t miss Shi Mumbi every Thursday at 21:30hrs on #ZambeziMagic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.