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Zambia shows love for Langiwe on Facebook Live

08 November 2021
Langiwe’s bubbly personality oozes joy!
Langiwe FB Live chat

If we didn’t know it before, we sure know it now. Zambia has mad love for the talented and ever-bubbly Viola Banda, who plays Langiwe on Ubuntu. This multi-talented mother of two had nothing but sweet words and laughter on her live chat recently, and her fans lapped all of it up in bucket loads. 

It is always heartwarming to see your favourite actor on chat, feeling free to share her experiences both on and off screen. That’s the bubbly character we all grew to love in that hour she shared of herself with us while highlighting that her biggest role in life is that of being a mother to two beautiful children.  

Well, when we say ‘multi-talented’ – we are not exaggerating. The girl can act, the girl can sing, and she loves doing both very much. When asked how she balances her acting and singing, she simply says: “I have understanding bosses and I mostly sing at night or over weekends, so it works out for me. The support helps a lot.”  

Things got teary-eyed when she started motivating and encouraging her fans who are interested in acting. She shared a story about how she didn’t believe in herself and how she had to keep reminding herself that she is worthy and good enough to sing and act. Banda enjoys acting because she gets to be somebody else and she enjoys getting into character with her on-screen squeeze, Marko. Then the love for Marko came through, with tons of comments from his fans.  

Thandiwena, Chawezi and Marko are Langiwe’s favourite people to hang out with on set because they get to goof around and make jokes. When a fan asked who her favourite character on the show is, she shyly says that all of them are her favourite but it would have to be Marko because they do a lot of scenes together, so they’ve become quite close. “Plus Marko is serious once he gets into character,” she says.  

Without giving it all away, the fans had a blast and so did Banda of Ubuntu, one of the best talents in the business. She had a lot to say and we invite you to watch the live chat on Zambezi Magic official Facebook page and remember to tune in to #ZMUbuntu every Monday-Wednesday at 21:30hrs on #ZambeziMagic DStv Channel 162.