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5 Reasons to get excited for Ubuntu’s return

29 September 2020
Ubuntu season 2 kicked off on Monday 5 October and we’re loving every minute of it!
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Ubuntu season 1 closed off with the palace burning down in a breath-taking season finale. Enemies within brought the Kingdom of Ubuntu down to its ashy knees, leaving us poised for a gasping season 2! As we ponder the question ‘Who will make it out of the fire, here are a few more reasons to be excited about #ZMUbuntu Season 2. ? ??

A great story

Everyone loves a David and Goliath story – and Ubuntu serves it up by the bucketload. Last season, Thandiwena was handed the keys to the kingdom by her ailing father before he died; thwarting the ambitions of King-hopeful Tachimba and numerous other contenders to the throne.

This season, the Ubuntu storyline will go where it has never gone before. Highlights to look forward to include the rebirth of the kingdom after the devastating fire. Can its citizens rally together for the common good, or will an even greater enemy from beyond the horizon swoop in and swallow them whole?


Flawless acting
Whether it’s a big scene that demands energy, or an unexpected twist to leave us reeling, the Ubuntu cast delivers drama and then some! Who can forget when Thandiwena’s husband-to-be dropped dead at the wedding ceremony? Or when Langiwe unceremoniously lost her magic powers, only for us to discover that this was because she had done the forbidden…and was now with child!

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Excellent cinematography
The way the camera tells the story of Ubuntu captures the essence of uncompromised African elements and traditions, and contributes to the show’s distinctive character and identity.


Authentic African wisdom

"Ears that do not listen to advice, accompany the head when it is chopped off." – Chawezi

"When the shepherd comes back home in peace, the milk is sweet." – Langiwe
"When the roots of a tree begin to rot, the branches rot too." - Tachimba

There is no proverb quite like an ancient African proverb. Take a moment to ponder on the wealth of knowledge Ubuntu has to pass on to our modern generation.

Love local
Zambian entertainment takes yet another momentous leap forward. Watch for the new talent breaking through in Ubuntu season 2!

The new season of Ubuntu unfolds every Monday – Wednesday at 21:30hrs on Zambezi Magic DStv CH 162. See you there!