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11 reasons to love Ubuntu – Ubuntu

29 January 2020
Ubuntu burst onto the scene with a bang! Through this timeline, we highlight some of the fireworks it has delivered
ubuntu s1 december 3

1580305749 34 zm ubuntu s1 20192511

 The matters of the throne are coloured by an intoxicating concoction of vice, scandal, ambition and loyalty. Here, Ubuntu draws us into the succession battle.

1580306245 34 zm ubuntu s1 20192711

A dark prophesy is made, foreshadowing war and bloodshed. 

1580306435 34 zm ubuntu s1 20190312

Dangerous intent is revealed. Thandiwena's detractor's lay out their plans, emphasizing the uphill struggle the successor to the throne is truly up against. 

1580306699 34 zm ubuntu s1 20191204

Thandiwena desperately, and naively seeks council from her very detractors. She quickly learns that Tachimba is the last person in the world to aid in her advancement.

1580306954 34 zm ubuntu s3 20191209

Thandiwena realizes that the aid she needs may come at a price she's not willing to pay.

1580307082 34 ubuntu s1 december 2

Thandiwena's wedding day exposes how deep the family's cold blooded strife to claim The Throne truly is. Deadly intent, drunken speeches and surprise twists rule the day.

1580307551 34 ubuntu s1 dec 6

Thandiwena is brought before the council to stand trial for the death of her husband.

1580307682 34 ubuntu s1 2020 106

She's been through enough to know better. And now Thandiwena recognises her mother's hand at work when she is not allowed to see her late husbands body.

1580307846 34 ubuntu s1 jan 1

Senior Induna Chinyanta discovers an ancient loophole that allows him to temporarily rule on the throne, causing Queen Chawezi to tear off her clothes in distress, and for Tachimba to seek out a dangerous allegiance

1580307994 34 zm ubuntu s1 20200115

The vultures circle. Thandiwena is at her weakest point - her mental breakdown is clear for everyone in the council to see. At the same time, senior Induna Chinyanta reveals that his true allegiance is to Thandiwena - causing Tachimba to expedite his demise

1580308370 34 zm ubuntu s1 20200127

Tiku learns that Mabvuto raped Pimpa in the throne room and doesn't hesitate for a moment to sound the alarm. We discover that Queen Chawezi is FAR from fooled by Mabvuto, and learn how dfficult it is for her not to see justice served.

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